Monday, 21 May 2012

Never Give Up, act like Roman

I am an Arsenal fan, but I think there Is a lot of lessons to be learned from Chelsea's champions league victory over the weekend.

Roman Abramovitch, the owner of chelsea football club, has been striving to become the Champion of Europe for the past ten years investing over £2billion in the process. Though He continued to fail from one season to the other, but he never gave up at any point. He continued to change tactics (managers) and people criticised him but he wasn't distracted. 

At last, his dream came to pass when there was no money to spend again.


- Never give up up on your dream 
- always change ur tactics when one fails
- don't get distracted by public opinions
- Don't speak out your next move (Roman doesn't always speak to the press)
- those who criticise you are jokers, they wish they can try what you are doing.
- they will praise you when you achieve ur goal.

Have a chelsea type fruitful week.
Sholola Ayobami