Monday, 9 July 2012

#YouNeedToKnow - DREAMS........

There have been a lot of controversies on the issue of dreams, in recent times which have lead to many taking extremes of either not taking dreams seriously or seeing dreams as the MAJOR way God speaks.

Well, although dreams can sometimes be as a result of one's thinking, but primarily it is ONE way God communicates to His Children. When the Spirit of God was poured out as prophesied by Joel and fulfilled in Acts of the Apostles, Dreams was one of the manifestation of the out pouring of the spirit (Acts 2:17-18). In both the Old Testament and New Testament, we see God speaking to His Children through dreams. For example, Jacob (Genesis 28:12, 38:24,) and Paul (Acts 18:9).
However because of lack of understanding, there are a lot of errors associated with dreams if one is not careful.

1. To dream and not take it serious
2. To fear and panic as a result of a dream. I believe God reveals to resolve! If He is showing you something in a dream that's because he wants to do something about it, not for you to fear.
3. To run to the wrong source for help...mind who you run to for help when you dream. There are a lot of wrong materials out there on how to interpret your dreams.
4. Wrong ways of interpreting dreams...there is no one formula on interpreting dreams. For example, the fact that you ate in your dream does not necessarily mean you are possessed. It is so amazing to find out that even people who have been born again for years and on fire for the Lord believe eating in dream makes you possess.
5. To wake up and fight people physically you saw in your dreams as your enemies.
6. Error of mistaking between, divine message, nightmare, psychological dreams and demonic manipulation. Dreams are not the same. Not every dream you dream is a divine message

1. God can use dreams to reveal his will for your Life (Gen 28:13, 31:24 like he did to Jacob)
2. God can use dream as a defence Mechanism for his Children (God warned Laban through a dream Gen 37:5)
3. God can use dreams to expose the plans of the enemies (1 king 3:5).
4. Dreams are symbolic
5. God can reveal secrets to you through dreams (like He did to Daniel)
6. God can give you clear direction through dreams (like He did to Paul)

The response of a child of God towards a terrible dream should be that of thanksgiving.
Not every dream should take your time or bother you. You do not have to be anxious about every dream!

1. Nightmares determined by the state of your heart. For example, you watched horror film till 12am before going to bed, there is every tendency that you might dream of somebody sucking blood and eating flesh. Or after watching a war film you then dream that you were shot. It is a psychological dream.
2. Demonic interference... Do not be deceived, the devil does not want you to have sound sleep, but God gives sound sleep to the righteous. So the Devil may want to disturb your sleep through a bad dream
3. Demonic Oppression... If you are not born again, the Devil can oppress you through dreams.
4. God's message. God can speak to his children through dreams. One characteristic of divine messages via dreams is that they are so Clear and you will always remember them, even when you forget them, God will always bring them to your remembrance...

NOTE: False dreams and false visions exist (2Pet 2:1-3, Deut.13:1-3) people can interpret your dreams wrongly, so you need to careful.

Finally, Just as lack of dreams may be problematic, multitude of it is also problematic..If you dream every day, you have to check which type of dream, because not all dreams should be taken seriously!!! Eccl 5:7....

Watch out for my next note on DREAM INTERPRETATION. How should dreams be interpreted? Can you interpret your dream yourself?

Ps Tony Ojakovo


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