Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dig A Well.... by Sholola Ayobami

Sometimes ago, a research was conducted by a university lecturer in the United State on how easily the future can be achieved. He picked the university’s ten best students and said: “Go home, sleep, wake and think about what or where you want to find yourself after ten years”. The question looks so simple or even foolish in their eyes, but they went home and did it. The next morning, they all reported to the lecturer’s office to give their answer.
 Four of them read their plans out from where they wrote it, three narrated theirs offhand without writing it down and the other three said to the lecturer that only God knows where they will be after ten years. Well, the lecturer listened to them all, collected all the information and filed it.

 Ten years later, the lecturer brought out his file and went out in search of the ten students to see how they have achieved their set target. To his amazement, the four students that wrote theirs are already achieving their goals and as well enjoying and dominating their levels. Only one out of the other three that narrated off hand has achieved just little of what he said he would like to be, the other two are still struggling with life. The remaining three that said only God knows where they would be, have no bearing at all. They are just staggering, moving up today and coming down tomorrow.

After analysing all this, the lecturer concluded that, “Goals written down are more achieved successfully than those we think about”.

After I heard this story I began to pounder on it, even in the spiritual realm and I found out that there is no short-cut to success. All successful people work from writing plans.

Even the Bible says:

The plans of the diligent lead to profit………..
Proverb 21:5NIV

He who doesn't know where he’s going should not start at all. For you to achieve anything in life, there has to be a written target, this will guide you through difficult times and makes you indomitable for discouragement.

One of the three student that succeeded without writing down his goals must have enjoy the favour of God which is not equal for everybody and that is why the other two are still struggling. Don’t compare yourself with your brother even if you are twins. Comparing yourself with others is an embarrassment to your personality.

Plan your future! Don’t allow the future to plan for you, because if it does, you may achieve it in old age, maybe at 90 or even 100.

Some always use God's words as an excuse for their failure to plan. They want God to plan for them, direct them, bring opportunity, bring money, bring everything to them when they are busy doing nothing, you can’t expect God to do everything for you. He can do it, but He will not do it when you are taking no step yourself.
He is a specialist in doing what you cannot do. God only crown effort and if you are not making any, what will He crown? The Bible says:

 ……..And whatsoever he doeth, shall prosper
Psalm 1:3

If you are not a doer, you are not permitted to prosper. If you sit down, waiting for God to do everything for you, you are just wasting your time. He has given you all you need; it’s now left for you to plan how well you use it and live up to His expectation.

Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field; and afterwards build thine house
Proverb 24:27

If you carefully read and observe, that scripture didn't say you should allow God to build the house, He has given you what you need, the only thing He will continue to do is to guide, provide, protect and secure the future for you.

To achieve great things, you need a plan. All successful people work from written plans. Opportunity has the uncanny habit of favouring those who have paid the price of years of preparation and planning. A minute spent in planning will save a year of execution. The truth about life is that, proper preparation prevents poor performance. Don’t wait until you are thirsty before you dig a well; it might be too late. Make preparation in advance. You never have trouble if you have planned and you are properly prepared.

Plan your week, don't waste the days, make a to-do list and prioritise, commit the plans to God's hands and He will guide you through.

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  1. The plans of the diligent lead to profit………..
    Nice write Ayobami..

  2. Thanks ma. Expecting something from you, guess you understand?

  3. Failing to plan on any issue of life is planning to fail.

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