Saturday, 3 November 2012


“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” - Buddah.
Good health comprises of a sound mind, body free from illness, diseases, physical disorder  etc.

Good health starts from the period of being an infant. At this stage, care and protection is needed for the child to grow and develop organs that will function well and also prevent diseases making sure that immunization is administered as at when due. A healthy child will grow into a healthy adult.

A healthy person is an asset to himself, family, community and country. In the event that the child didn't grow well and there are issues of disabilities, this will spoil his adult life. He or she may not live a happy life or may not be able to join active service. This may pose a huge oppressive responsibility on the parent and family members of the community.

Health depends vitally upon a person’s whole life and condition of existence. A sickly and aching body is a threat to the pursuit of ones goal in life. The ability to function well is reduced, thus affects every area of his life. The care of the body as it relates to cleanliness, rest, food, exercise, protection against disease. Life is deprived of not only much of its usefulness but also its joy and pleasures.

Everything we hope to achieve or become is tied to our health and well being. We all have aspirations, goals, desires to fulfil, maybe to be a teacher, nurse, doctor, pilot, social worker, artisan. What ever it is, good health is key.

The health of a person determines largely on how productive he or she will be. Many business organizations today conduct medicals for intending employee to know their health conditions and to know if they suffer from any timely or seasonal illness. They do this because a workforce that is filled with sick people will affect productivity and this will in turn affect profit.

The benefits of good health are numerous which may include the following;

Ability to think clearly
Physical pain and disease will not exist
You will be able to participate in physical activity
Increase in energy and vitality that is increase in productivity and efficiency
The possibility to live longer
Good health will make you physically more able to extend a helping hand to others
You will enjoy better spiritual health and have a closer relationship with God.

Good health is everything, have a healthy life. Good health matters and it should be our utmost priority.

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  1. Amazing. I like the perceptive.

  2. Opeyemi, thanks for the timely reminder. We use our bodies anyhow and forget the observe certain basics. Thanks again!

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