Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Discover The Leader You Were Meant To Be!

I believe that trapped inside you is an undiscovered leader of great value to your generation!

Are leaders born, made, developed, created, cultivated, or products of circumstances? Is leadership reserved only for an elite few, a specific gender, people of a particular social stratum, or those of advanced intelligence? Is leadership the prerogative of a rare breed; is it a by-product of the superior DNA of a super-race? Or can anyone from anywhere at any time emerge as a leader? In some form , these questions have been around for thousands of years. This book is written to challenge the limitations of your conception of your own abilities and hopefully ignite in you the conviction that you were born to lead.

The world is filled with followers, supervisors, and managers but very few leaders.

History has produced a legacy of distinguished and outstanding leaders who have impacted the world and furthered the development of humanity.

They were both men and women, rich and poor, learned and unlearned, trained and untrained. They came from every race, color, language, and culture of the world. Many of them had no ambition to become great or renowned. In fact, most of the individuals who have greatly affected humanity have been simple people who were thrust into circumstances that demanded the hidden qualities of their characters, or  they were driven by personal, passionate goals.

Leaders are ordinary people who accept or are placed under extraordinary circumstances that being forth their latent potential, producing character that inspires the confidence and trust of others. Our world today is in desperate need of such individuals.

In his renowned play Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare wrote, "There is a tide in the affair s of men."  With these words, he was expressing his observation that the waves of history have an influence on our lives. It's as if we as individuals and nations are caught up in a tide of providential events. There have been eras in the history of the world in which multiple tide-like influences have impacted our civilizations and cultures at nearly the same time. These historical incidents are known as "crossroads of history." I would suggest that we are now at a confluence of historic tides.

The twentieth century saw perhaps more distressing developments then any previous century, including devastating wars, monstrous new weapons, countless natural disasters, and fatal diseases. It was also possibly the most unpredictable, politically interesting, and revolutionary of any century in history. In the last several decades, a relatively short span of time, the world has experienced many remarkable changes in the realms of science, technology, medicine, and space exploration, as well as hundreds of other so-called advancements. We must agree that our generation lives in a swirling tide of events, dreams, promises, threats, and changing ideas about the present and future. The conditions of our world press the present generation to ask anew, "Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Why are life and reality the way they are?"

The leaders of our time are bewildered when they are called upon to explain why our world is the way it is or to suggest a direction for the future. Many people in positions of  public trust confess that they are just trying to keep the lid on, and others have abandoned even that hope.

Added to this bleak environment is the painful reality that over the past few decades, a dramatic leadership. In the political, civic, economic, social, and spiritual realms, recent events indicate that previous generations have produced weak leaders who fade in the presence of true leadership and leave our present generation in this same leadership vacuum.

The disgrace and fall of renowned Christian leaders, the exposure of corruption and unethical activities among political and business leaders, and the covert conspiracies of government betraying their own people serve as evidence that this lack of quality leadership is affecting almost every sphere of our lives. We urgently need competent leaders.

Where do we look for such leaders? While we often think of leaders as "out there," we need to look within ourselves. Each one  of us is a leader who can affect the people and instructions in our own sphere of influence. When we begin with ourselves, we will naturally have an effect on the lives of others.

It is in this environment that we, as stewards of this present age, must face the challenge of developing, training, releasing, and reproducing a generation of leaders who can secure the future for our children and their children.

A good leader not only knows where he is going, but he can inspire others to go with him.

Myles Munroe.


  1. Honestly,it is a very important in the leadership process for leaders to actually discover themselves.If this happens more frequently than it currently does,the problem of accidental leadership will be done away with.

    1. Joshua thanks for that. Personal discovery is very important, but most leaders i ve met re products of accidental situations. they only discovered themselves after finding themselves in that leadership position and they are doing well. most discoveries sometimes comes from accidental situation, even in science...

      Thanks once again