Sunday, 11 November 2012

Giving Up: Another State to consider

Last week, I discussed about Persistence which is a powerful State to consider in our race for glory. Meanwhile there are questions which have been raised on this topic and this prompted me to write this second part.

One of the questions is when to give up or should we always persist and never give up even when we know deep down inside of us that things won't change anytime soon and we are not inspired to carry on?

Well, the truth is that there is no point carrying on where we have experienced diminished inspiration in what we are doing. Sometimes giving up is clearly the best option especially
when we are been inspired to pursue something else which may be bigger i.e. Our inspiration is on another bigger project or new goals.

For example, in 1972, Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Paul Gilbert in partnership established a company called Traf-O-Data. They ran it for so many years but recorded very low success compared to their expectations but Bill Gates got inspired by a new vision and in order to embark on its realisation, they had to give up on the old one since it’s not working out has expected. And so they did, now Microsoft has become a multinational corporation which develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing.

Do not forget Traf-O-Data was the first company they started, back in 1972 and they had great visions for it but their inspirations decreases because not much progress were been made. If they hadn’t given up on it, then we wouldn’t have such rich collections of Microsoft.

Persistence is not stubbornness, in order to make room for new goals, we
have to delete or complete old one. Since we are not static as human being, our aspiration too cannot be static; we may be infected by a new vision of something that is far more important.
I had always believed one should never give up, that once you set a goal, you should hang on to the bitter end but later on, it became clearer to me that this can deter/restrain or prevent us from doing something bigger when the opportunity opens up.

You can’t guarantee that the goals you set today will still be the one you’ll want to achieve a year from now. I remembered then when we were young and our parents or teachers will ask us what we want to become in the future, what we say then is really what we really wished at that point, and it’s so true, it’s our dream but as we grow up, our priorities changed and we began to opt for more bigger challenges.

This is how it works with vision and goals as well, as we grow as human being, there will certainly be some changes in us as the year goes by, therefore we increase in knowledge, so as knowledge increases, we get impregnated with new visions and goals and sometimes new goals are so compelling and inspiring that there’s no time to complete old ones - they have to be abandoned half-finished.

The value of persistence comes not from stubbornly clinging to the past. It comes from a vision of the future that’s so compelling you would give almost anything to make it real and until we consider the hard part which is consciously deciding to delete the old ones, knowing it will never be finished, we may miss a lifelong opportunity of doing something new.

So when must you decide to give?

Carry out a proper review of your plans and examine how successful you have been with them. Look into the near future and ask yourself:

Can I still do it?
Am I still interested in doing it?
Or am I interested in doing something else?

You need to be more realistic with yourself while answering this three questions has it will help you take the next decisions which maybe very crucial to your future. The decisions may either be to update and rededicate yourself to your old plans or abandon them to pursue new goals as there’s no honour in clinging to a goal that no longer inspires you.

Remember, don’t quit if you won’t start something bigger.

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