Thursday, 22 November 2012

How to Get and Stay Inspired as A Graphic Artist

In today’s competitive design market, it can be very difficult to create unique designs that stand out from the crowd. Often, this task is difficult because most designers are looking to current trends for inspiration on upcoming projects rather than searching for unique directions. As such, your best bet for finding new project directions is to seek out alternative inspiration sources. Here are five sources to gather new design ideas.

Look to the Past

retro inspiration

Often, the best way to discover new design directions is to look to the past. While everyone else is trying to go ultra-modern, you can set your work apart with retro-inspired designs.

Early designs can be particularly inspiring when considering that fancy design programs weren’t yet invented and work was created by hand with natural elements. Check out this compilation of retro themed designs to learn how others have embraced this inspiration source. Explore Nature

Nature inspiration

The natural world is the ultimate source for inspiration. Take a break from work and spend a day roaming local parks or wilderness areas. Not only will this help you relax and forget your design roadblocks, but doing this can provide unique inspiration.

After exploring nature, begin experimenting with natural elements and textures. These elements can offer a unique richness to your projects and can help draw in viewers who would have otherwise passed them by. Sproutfund and Viget are both great websites showcasing nature-inspired designs. Business Cards

Business Cards

The business card is no longer a simple piece of paper with mundane contact information. Rather, business cards have transformed into statements of personal identity and are great examples of creative genius.

By following the latest business card trends and exploring the unique ways they are now being used, you can find new directions for your design projects. Suddenly, the most mundane of assignments can transform into unique, undiscovered possibilities. Bhootan and Arunas Kaltanas provide inspiring business card designs. Photography

Photography inspiration

Many forms of photography exist and each can provide unique sources of inspiration. From macro photography to retro-inspired shots, explore the genres that match your unique design tastes. You can also join photo sharing networks such as Flickr to follow your favorite photographers or to receive random daily photographic inspiration. Lee Towndrow and Thomas Kettner are wonderful photographers worth following. Album Covers

Album Covers inspiration

Album covers are often awesome examples of unique designs and ultimate risk taking. By viewing these artwork forms, you will likely be inspired to take more risks with your projects rather than playing it safe.

While viewing various album covers, listen to a few songs from each singer. Music is a great inspirational source and can help bring you out of a creative slump. Explore this compilation for great album cover artwork.

Being a successful designer means staying true to your creative instincts and continually seeking out fresh inspiration. Rather than following obediently with current trends, find your own direction by becoming inspired from alternative sources. In time, this will come to define who you are as a designer and could even transform you into a trendsetter rather than a trend follower.

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