Monday, 26 November 2012

My Conclusion… by Tomisin Ajiboye

Your creativity is there. Waiting. It might be hidden behind a door of fear, or a wall of insecurity. But I guarantee you, it’s there. Just waiting to come out and play.

The Plan
Ask yourself these questions…
1. Do you want to rediscover your full creative self?
2. Can you make friends with your fear?
3. Do you have reasons to be more creative?

Then keep reading… Because… All good things come to those who risk.

Your Passion
Think about something creative you like to do. Or that you used to like to do, if it’s been a while. Maybe you like to paint, or design, or raise kids in a creative fashion, garden like no one’s business, build furniture, shoot hoops, or take roads less travelled. All things are open for creative expression. It doesn't matter what creative passions you have, or even if anyone else would define your passion as creative. All that matters is that your passions are a part of your creative self.

What’s The Pay-off?
You get your whole self-back. There are a whole lot of people who let fear rule their living. Sure, they started out life as a creative being, like all children. Then, somewhere along the way, amidst parental wishes, peer pressure and societal demands; they let other people’s voices grow louder than their own. When did you stop trusting to your own voice? Over time your creative voice gets buried and you’re left with a vague feeling of unrest, a general anger, and fear. The fear exists because your creative self, when left to roam free, makes you stand out and we don’t always embrace that which stands out. Left to run free your creative self will urge you to say what you want and yearns for you to produce something yummy - something extraordinary. Something that doesn't fit, something that doesn't blend.
Something that just might make the world a better place.

The big challenge
The manifestation of creativity forms in wholly unique ways as an expression of each individual. The challenge is for you to allow yourself to express from your truest self AND to allow others the expression of their creative truth in ways that may be very different from your own.

Embrace your fear
Your fear self – the can’ts and won’ts and shouldn’ts and shoulds block your way. Your fear distracts your true extraordinary self. The first step is to try not to resist or judge your fear. Allow your fear self to exist and acknowledge it; not by judging, but by smiling and nodding a familiar hello as you mentally walk on by. Fear has been your friend. When you embrace it, you are allowing fear self to be, without pushing, so it won’t feel the need to be aggressive. When most things are pushed, they push back.
It takes two to fight. So, do not deny your fear self, just acknowledge it,

Open the door
The next goal is to go boldly past that fear self and right up to the door which leads to your truest creative self. And then open it. But how do you open that door? We've trained ourselves to jump through elaborate hoops in order to avoid facing our fears.
We build entire lives and scenarios of who we are based on avoiding fear. What would happen could happen, if we simply stopped avoiding? What if, just this once, you didn't let fear tell you what to do?

The creative life not taken is the ordinary life. It is a life of regrets and unfulfilled passions. So don’t just aim to open one door, open all your personal doors.
Set your creative self-free and live the legacy you were born to live.

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