Thursday, 13 December 2012


Fear is a spirit that limits and in some cases destroys totally one’s confidence to approach challenges and problem. For you to be successful and be at your peak, you have to conquer this spirit.

The first signal fear sends to you to stop you from trying is doubt. As you get into a new level, you looked around, everything looks new and different, the challenges seem to be tougher than what you are used to, the people you met in the environment are more experienced than you and the next thing that comes into your head was a question: “can I ever make it here”?

That is the spirit! Doubt! Sent by fear to trouble your soul, kill your morale and destroy your ambition. I want you to believe one thing for sure, for you to be at that level by this time, you are the best individual that can provide the best solution to all the challenges. No matter how tough it may be, God has given you an indomitable spirit to overcome, it’s now left to you, to use it judiciously/justifiably at the appropriate time. God has made enough provision for His people to be successful. From the day you accepted Jesus, you became a new breed. You rose from the level of the common to that of the special breed. So discover your speciality in Christ and recover your destiny.
The Bible says:  But ye are a chosen generation……… 1 peter 2:9

For the fact that you are have been chosen, you don’t have any course to fear. For every assignment, there is a protection. You have the best advantage over others because you have been anointed for the assignment. Your level of confidence in Christ should give you an edge over others. Start operating like an uncommon man.
People around you might not like your new style or approach because they felt that you are not as experienced as they are, boasting that they have the skills and the knowledge, and they already know what to do when you are scratching your head.
Don’t worry! Search, ask and get more knowledge about the situation and do things the right way. Don’t try to please everybody because when you try to, you can lose your concentration. Paul says
So then every one of us shall give account of himself ……… Romans 14:12

When you lose your concentration, those who you are trying to please will not be there to help you look for it. Don’t let the opinions of others control you or cause you to disobey God and miss your destiny.
Remember there are two kinds of people who always fail, those who listen to nobody, and those who listened to everybody. Though, it’s nice to let others do the driving sometimes, but that put you at the mercy of their direction. Take control now! Accept responsibility! Take the wheel and drive, for only you know why God has put you in that level.  Do not let your sense of purpose be only to please others. Fear is a spirit that is presents everywhere. Anytime you go to where you have never been, or try what you have never done, fear will set pace but each time you conquer it, you gain self respect and a new level of confidence.

 Fear is only taking your advantage, because you behave like a common man, but you are not! God has put an arsenal at your disposal. Stop running! The word is your sword and faith (believe) is your shield. Confront your fear now, and you will know that it has no power over you. It is time to overcome!

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