Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Corporate Deceit and the Passing of Morality

Who is responsible for what we teach our children, is it the internet or stars on television? (Asa, Fire on the mountain 2008). From junior-high level promiscuity to demise of political and work place integrity, I dare to say morality is on the decline. The evolution of morality refers to the emergence of human moral behaviour over the course of human evolution. Morality can be defined as a system of ideas about right and wrong conduct or a doctrine of moral conduct.

There is a geometric increase in juvenile promiscuity irrespective of gender in our colleges;from lockers of school, empty vans and at times public places, sexual immorality is now at its zenith. Not leaving out the kissing, erotic touches of lower grade boys and girls who have not attainedpuberty. A recent research stated that 85% of teens and youths around the globe spend more time watching pornography and viewing erotic pictures on the internet. This is alarming and fearsome as with this corrupt mindset, they are going on to lead us in government and also to head public andprivate parastatals.

I can remember an elderly lady once said to me that even though they got married quite earlyin their generation, boys and girls dare not hold hands in public. They celebrated their wedding nights with the virginity of the lady, then she is applauded and her parents are appraised, but in this neolithic age, if you are above eighteen and still a virgin, the society sees you as a religious fanatic or socially retarded.

A Fortnight ago, I saw a friend hitting his elder sister just because she screamed at him in public, there and then, I defined our relationship. I wondered he would definitely kill her if she had hit him. The scene was an emotional eye-sore and it will forever remain in the heart of the bruised lady. Loyalty, respect and humility have almost been completely obliterated from our character/culture. Honour of parental authority is breathing its last, we lash back at our parents, bang the door on elderly ones just because they are not in our mental frequency or we feel deprived of freedom. Today, I preview the pictures of this generation's tears when our posterity read the chronicles of this dastardly act to us.

I once met a lady who was so interested in sewing a strapless, cleavage revealing cloth thatshe saw on a celebrity in a fashion magazine. I was puzzled and my soul battered, she was too beautiful to reveal her body parts to the public, it should be for the eyes of her husband I thought to myself, but I would put no blame on her as she didn't want to be left out of the fashion innovations.But if going semi-naked is modernisation, then lower mammals have long been modernised. Ladies dress with so much nonchalance as thighs are revealed and cleavages are constantly popping out. Even on the corporate scene, good looking ladies are recruited by organisations to dress indecently in a bid to market products and services, I really do not understand such strategy, and neither Antonio Ragusa nor Armstrong and kutler inculcated such idea into their marketing principles. The male counterpart has also not been left out, as they go about sagging (trouser below the waist) revealingtheir underwear. All of these fashion innovations have been from our so called celebrities and we still go on to applaud them when we see them on air. What are we celebrating? 

Masturbation is not good, so also is sex with prostitutes not societal healthy, but I might opt for either than settle forhomosexuality (no negative intent). I think it is emotionally crazy to get aroused and sexually attracted to a person of the same gender. As a boy in my secondary school days, the students with dysfunctional sexuality who are not attracted to the opposite sex dare not come out to be identified as they would get the torments of their lives, but as it is today, weddings of homosexuals were almost going to be well organised, celebrated with cymbals, cheers from families, friends and back ground choral hymns as they are ordained man and wife in church; so awful. Thanks to the senate that rejected the bill.

I was at a bar the other day when a middle aged woman in company of her friends walked in to pop some champagne I guess. Accidentally, she bumped into an old friend, a renowned Alhaji.They exchanged pleasantries and all sat to merry. Just before I took my exit, I noticed the intimate touches between the said woman and Alhaji, I was disturbed in my soul as I was so sure they were not married to each other. I didn't know married persons also do such. It was days later I discovered they were having a fling and lost contact for a while, now they are back for the best of Infidelity. My Grandmother would say you dare not introduce two men to your parents before marriage more or less extra marital affairs. As a lady you are done for; dismissed from women gathering, mocked at and then stigmatised. The society today permits you to flirt with infidelity; sleep with your boss, one night stand with someone you crush on and so on. If such lady is ever caught in the act, she claims financial and sexual related reasons. She feels no remorse, not willing to apologise and even drives around town to pops of champagne, wow!!!

Consumption of alcohol in this society has increased over the years and the abuse is on. Though, study reveals alcohol has a few positive effects, but we are still advised to consume a recommended amount as it has its risk and negative effects. Long term effects of alcohol has contributed to alcoholism. The pshycological effects stands at violence, irrational behaviours;this has led to death of many, and others incarcerated. The health disorders caused include cirrhosis among others.I really do not need to state much on smoking as every advert says smokers are liable to die young but many are still purchasing death with their money. My father got only fermented palm-wine on festive occasions and my elder brothers sneaked to drink alcohol until they were in their mid-twenties. Today, minors organise public drinking competitions while the society watches in awe.

Employment offers, job promotions, business contracts are no longer on merit. It is based purely on corrupt practices. These have led to loss of value, lack of trust and demise of workplace integrity.
When morality started losing its hold in Africa, we paved way for religion and the church became a resort to develop a Christian attitude to sanitise our characters. Pentecostal messages were preached and salvation was the first principle. Today, most of our new generation churches have successfully left the doctrine standard which we find in matt 6:33 (seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness), prosperity, healing and all sorts of doctrine manipulation come first due to the poverty enriched, ailment-filled society. Salvation appears last or never comes in at all. The words of preachers do not cut through the heart of men again, instead we throw up hats and lift chairs as we are told prophesy of pleasures. We are no longer told to be heaven conscious because God's mercy endures forever and every manipulation is supported with a scriptural verse as we do not open our Bibles.

......And then our celebrities organise concerts where we now make seat reservations at regular, Vip and now Vvip, they successfully enrich their pockets and promote their career as they give to us euphoric gratifications at our financial detriment,so what's the craze about and rush for autograph from a man who will snub the low income earner, whose personal life cannot be emulated by his fans, stops to give peanut alms to roadside beggars to receive cheers of appraisal and humility but in the real sense will give nothing that will outlive his name to the society. For those of us who drink champagne on a beer man's salary to feel classy, we are at the height of corporate deceit.

As I come to a close, due to our increased romance with western culture and continous decline in morality. I hope sometimes in the future we do not witness the wedding ceremonies of homosexuals or persons to animals (bestiality), our daughters go to work naked to entice customers as it could be a new formulated marketing strategy. I hope this society will not attain a level were we hold concerts to celebrate divorce and infidelity, ponographology becomes a degree in school and that our babies do not request for alcohol instead of breast milk.

The elasticity of our decaying morality has not reached its breaking point, we can still retreat to remedy it or else, there is fire on the mountain, no one seems to be on the run. One day, the rivers will over flow, there will be no where for us to go and we would run, run, wishing we had put out the fire!!!

Aladeloba Babatunde 


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