Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Mirror Mirror

It won’t surprise you to learn that I was a dreamer as a child. I read endless books of fantastic adventures set in strange lands. I dreamt of going through the looking-glass.

I never thought it would happen for real. Especially not when I had finally grown-up, committed to joining the real world and set my mind to running a business.

But an odd thing happened when I published my first blog post. I crossed the threshold into a new world, through the mirror-mirror of my laptop screen. A world where, a few moments after hitting the ‘publish’ button, I could see readers reading my words, and discussing them. A world where I found a global audience for my writing.

And it wasn’t just online. I started getting invitations to programmes and social media meet ups, to meet complete strangers and people I’d already ‘met’ online. Each time I went to meet any of my online friends, it felt like we’d beamed down from the Starship Enterprise.

At a time when most of my mates were moving outside the country, settling down and having kids, my social network was rising. It was hard to explain my new world to my old friends. They told me it was ‘antisocial’ to spend all that time on the internet.

As I acclimatised to this strange new world, I realised there were people earning a very good living in the mirror-mirror world.

Some were like me, talking about their passion, inspiring followers, generating leads for their offline business. They went online to find clients, then delivered products or services in ‘real life’. Others ran purely digital businesses, sitting at home with their laptops, selling software, ebooks, training courses and consultations via Skype.

But then, I wondered, if some ever get to consult their mirror-mirror to know who is the fairest online. While some of us have come to be the players on the field, some are determined to be the referee or the lines men, while some will be the coaches and technical crew but some also, will be the spectators, always with the noise. Don’t expect tomorrow while you let today waste away.

Now, I am going to do what I normally do when I see the shear heartbreaking bios or updates of some spectators, I walk away. That is what I always do.

Tomisin Ajiboye
@tomisinajiboye on Twitter


  1. Walking away works when it is befuddlingly apparent that some chanced on the mirror so late in life and didn't particularly learn its functions before embracing the phenomenon!

  2. lol. That is a sorry case entirely. Tomisin Ajiboye

  3. Interesting. Very interesting. Well done. iLike!

  4. very quickly, iLike too. comment loading..... am on the move....