Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Rise of the Cankerworms by Aladeniking

We both exchanged kisses passionately, she touched me at the most sensitive parts of my body, I wanted more of the pleasure she was willing to give. I was about holding her body tighter to mine but she gradually slipped away and into thin air she vanished. 

I returned to life thinking it was a dream but it was notas my pyjamas trouser had been soaked with my semen.This was the second time this strange lady was appearing in my sleep. I jumped out of bed, it was 5am in the morning and my wife was still fast asleep. I made for my
knees to talk to God about the new day and the anomaly at hand but the words were not forthcoming, I mummered on the Lord's prayer, raced through the shower to prepare for work, by now my wife and kids were up. I passed the baton of the family devotion to my wife that morning as my heart was null of Gods words. A quick embrace to my wife and then I stepped out to a new day.

On getting home at night, I had dinner with the kids and a little romance with my wife.The fear of the unknown couldn't get me to bed early as I tried to stay awake all night, but nature had its hold on me. I struggled with staying up late for weeks but it didn't remedy the stinging pleasures of the strange ladybut there was something familiar about her. I was emanciating from a heavy heart and loss of sleep.I had stopped being a loving husband and father, my wife brought up confrontations on my new person and she came to a conclusion that there was another woman and then an episode of marital war began in my home.

In the heat of an argument with my wife one morning my daughter slipped in the bathroom spraining her ankle and hitting her head on the bathtube. As the medical team received her into the emergency room, my foreman had called that a mysterious storm had raised the roof of my new building and crushed one of its pillars reducing the project to its infant nature. Other challenges found its way into my now vulnerable life; I had two queries from the top management about the relatively inefficiency of my department as I happened to be the Head of department. A poor relationship had risen between myself and colleagues due to misappropriation of health allowances and health benefits of the staffs. 

The Friday night vigil that attended was not my kind but it was in a bid to avoid series of argument at home.I was nodding my head in drowsiness from fatigue when the pastor mounted the podium and titled the message "Rise of the cankerworms" it wasn't what I needed as cankerworms were meant for plants and not humans. Midway into the sermon I had gotten on my knees sweating and praying profusely as the understanding of the message hit me hard. The word immorality from the scripture cut through my heart like a sword and instantly I figured out the origin of the strange lady; I had a fling with a lady on the eve of my eight year wedding anniversary, though it was once but the scripture won't go unfulfilled as he who is joined to a prostitute becomes one body and the two becomes one flesh(1Cor. 6:16).

I got more remorseful as I remembered the damage I had caused my colleagues at work; Gbenga had lost his wife as he could nomeet up with medical bills and Gloria alongside her child had been sent packing by her landlord as she had no access to her house allowance. I did reap what I sowed in good measure, shaken together and it was still running over as I suffer from High level amnesia, my little daughter is on a life support machine, my building project only exists in abstract and my home is splitting. The presence of the Lord had departed my home as he says I will return to my place until they acknowledge their offence and seek my face, in their affliction they will seek me earnestly (Hosea 5:15). 

As I approach the altar for the call of forgiveness of sins and restoration, I can't see through the hearts of men but I can pen down on paper that he who commits adultery destroys his own soul (Prov6:32and the curse of the lord is on the house of the thief. Arise with me now all whom the locusts have devoured, let's go to the throne of Grace so we may obtain mercy, that we may return to Yahweh for he has torn us to pieces he will heal us, he has injured us, he will bind up our wounds (Hosea 6:1) and has promised to make up for the lost years eaten by the cankerworms and locusts.

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  1. Hmmmmm, deep! May God guide, protect and save us from sins that end up destroying a good foundation.

  2. WAOH!!! Lesson Learnt. But there always a way out with God. Tomisin Ajiboye

  3. I didn't inflict reloading drills because I could only scrape up one HKS does your organization must manage cash effectively.