Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Paper Clip... My new found love by Tomisin Ajiboye

During my class, every of my exercise has been tailored around a paper clip and I am so sure my students are now in touch with the deep meaning and detailed importance of a paper clip. I love paper clip, I love dust particles, I am into pen covers, the buckle of my sandal is so important to me and the list continues... I mean, all these things are such simple yet ingenious and ubiquitous artifact that can be used as a trigger for creative thinking.
As part of their exercise, I asked them to write 40 or more uses of paper clips and I got various interesting answers. The task is actually quite easy since really there are very few sensible uses of a paper-clip. You can use it to clip paper together (obviously), burst balloons, scratch recharge cards and even as a nail dirt remover (according to my students). So almost anything else will do, except you find it, so difficult.  While I was going through their answers, it suddenly hit me that there is another side to the question. What are the ‘non-uses’ of paper clip? Things you cannot use a paper clip for.
Most people will find this quite hard which shows that they are not fluid at activating the right side of their brain. This is a lateral thinking task because you have to get off the track of thinking of actual uses of a paper-clip. This tests how random you can be.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Let's Play - The Blame Game by Ayobami Sholola

It's not my fault! One of the most common sentence around. It is fast becoming a trend in the society and organisations, everyone playing the blame game.

Nowadays, accepting responsibility for ones action seems to be a crime, a grave one and no one wants to commit it because we all fear what we perceive as its severe consequence - shame.

Friday, 15 February 2013

10 Qualities of A Good Mentor

Before you choose a person to mentor you, you must be sure he is a specialist in the field you are pursuing. As stated earlier, you cannot be out for money and you pick a financially struggling man who is doing well in relationship. He is also a mentor but to those who are looking for partners not to those who are looking for money.
Watch out for the following qualities when you are looking for a good mentor:

1. HE MUST BE A PERSON WITH OUTSTANDING RECORD: Whatever a man does not have he cannot give. Make sure the person has good record. He must be practically in the business and must be making it well. There are so many ways to know this, and I will address that in the next article.

2. HE MUST BE READY TO GIVE YOU HIS TIME: There is nothing good in a mentor who does not have time for you. A good mentor enjoy having the mentee around, he enjoys listening to their questions and work hard to help them solve the questions.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


It’s the time of the year again; the season of love. About  Four days ago, i observed that my work colleague has got about three tabs on his system (I'm actually serious), one reads “best gift to get your girlfriend”, another reads “Amazing gift ideas for wife on valentine’s”.
Another scenerio was when my manager popped into next door which happens to be a florist store, to arrange a bouquet delivery for his wife. Watching all this episodes unfolds is truly amazing to be honest. 

Now, at last,  the day is here! Walking down the road, shops seem brighter and REDER than normal; cards arranged nicely on the valentine’s card stand; chocolates for loved ones arranged neatly on another ends, fresh flowers right in front of the till, absolutely beautiful!

Right beside my office happens to be a florist; I just cannot help but notice people flooding in and out of the shop; all with nice beautiful bouquet in their hands, vibrant colours.  I also noticed them walking out of the shop; all with a big smile on their faces.  

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Test your Creativity Quotient

Have you ever been curious if you are creative or not?  Here is a chance to test how much creative you are. Make sure you read thoroughly and be sure you were right before you pick the correct score. It is your result you need not share it with anyone. Best of luck!

Score:   0= Never        1= Once in a while          2= Sometimes            3= Always

1.       Are you curious? Are you interested in other people’s opinions, other departments’ problems, or customers’ feedback?

2.       Are you a ‘creative opportunist’? Do you find opportunities for solving problems, creating wants, filling needs?

Friday, 8 February 2013

Getting A Mentor Who Will Lead You To Success

In my last article on mentoring (find the article below),  I told you emphatically that you need a mentor if you want to succeed fast and avoid the pitfalls associated with it.  Today, we shall be looking at the preparations you must make before the selection of your mentor.  Someone said ‘no one is born a giant, we are all born dwarfs, but when one dwarf stands on the shoulder of another, he becomes a giant in the eye of the world’.

A mentor is a onetime dwarf, who has got the shoulder of a reliable dwarf to stand tall and become a giant and is ready to take any willing person along with him. In other words, he is ready to stoop low for any willing dwarf to climb on him to attain success.

Monday, 4 February 2013


Life is full of very many exciting things. It is full of paradoxes, while some are making it some are losing. There are great opportunities in life and everyone is attempting one or the other. Opportunity to be great, wealthy, healthy, educated, famous and so on.

I know you are attempting one right now, that is possibly the reason why you are here. But let me shock you with a statement of fact: there is nothing you want to become that someone has not been before you. YES, YOU HEAR ME RIGHT. THERE IS NOTHING YOU WANT TO BECOME THAT SOMEONE HAS NOT BEEN BEFORE YOU! To succeed therefore, you simply need to locate such individual and follow his footsteps.

How will you feel if for instance, in your journey to financial freedom, you have someone who has been there and such a one takes you by the hand and show you exactly where to put your legs.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

PEER EDUCATION: Its necessity to Community Health Issues

Peer education is an approach to health promotion. In this approach, the community members are supported to promote health enhancing changes among themselves - the peers. Rather than expecting health professionals to always educate and attend to the thirst for knowledge among members of the public, the idea behind peer education is that those who are not trained professionals should be in the position to encourage healthy behaviour to one another.

Peer education is a term used to describe a wide range of initiatives. It is where young people of similar age, group, background, culture or social status, come together to educate and inform each other about several issues that benefits them and their immediate environment. It is an increasingly popular method of providing information in both schools and community based settings.