Friday, 15 February 2013

10 Qualities of A Good Mentor

Before you choose a person to mentor you, you must be sure he is a specialist in the field you are pursuing. As stated earlier, you cannot be out for money and you pick a financially struggling man who is doing well in relationship. He is also a mentor but to those who are looking for partners not to those who are looking for money.
Watch out for the following qualities when you are looking for a good mentor:

1. HE MUST BE A PERSON WITH OUTSTANDING RECORD: Whatever a man does not have he cannot give. Make sure the person has good record. He must be practically in the business and must be making it well. There are so many ways to know this, and I will address that in the next article.

2. HE MUST BE READY TO GIVE YOU HIS TIME: There is nothing good in a mentor who does not have time for you. A good mentor enjoy having the mentee around, he enjoys listening to their questions and work hard to help them solve the questions.

3. HE MUST BE READY TO SHARE HIS PAST: There is no one who rises to fame and glory without a story. Sometime, the story may not even be very pleasing. A good mentor shares both the good experience and the not-too-good ones, because he knows both are sources of education.

4. HE MUST NOT BE OUT TO LIVE ON YOUR HARD EARN MONEY: When a mentor demands money from you all the time check out of that mentoring relationship.  If there are materials to buy, you have to buy them, if there are trips to make it is your duty but when his personal problem drains your pocket, then there is a need for rethink.

5. HE MUST BE PRACTICAL IN HIS DEALINGS: A mentor who just sends you theoretical materials without following it up with practical advice is not worth following.

6. HE MUST NOT LAUGH AT YOU IGNORANCE: Some mentor get tired when they notice that you are completely ignorant of the field you are trying to master. A good mentor believes in you that no matter what you are today, you can become a great instrument tomorrow.

7. HE MUST GIVE ASSIGNMENT REGULARLY AND ASK FOR FEEDBACK: Unless you do, you can never be master. A good mentor recognizes this and gives sufficient assignment that will make you good and must follow up by asking you for feedback. He must be ready to help where you have difficulty.

8. HE MUST BE READY TO REWARD AND TO CORRECT: Everybody loves praise. When you do it well, a good mentor praise and reward you for it. When you make mistake, he correct in love. He steps on your toes without breaking your legs.

9. HE MUST CONSTANTLY UPDATE YOU WITH NEW INFORMATION: Because he is ahead of you, he usually get to know about new things before you do. He must be ready to share such news that will help you growth.

10. THE GOAL OF A GOOD MENTOR MUST BE TO MAKE YOU A MENTOR: No good mentor wants to keep a person perpetually under him. He must build you such that you will not only be able to stand on your own but be in position to help others stand.

To your success.

Taiwo Opajobi
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