Wednesday, 13 February 2013


It’s the time of the year again; the season of love. About  Four days ago, i observed that my work colleague has got about three tabs on his system (I'm actually serious), one reads “best gift to get your girlfriend”, another reads “Amazing gift ideas for wife on valentine’s”.
Another scenerio was when my manager popped into next door which happens to be a florist store, to arrange a bouquet delivery for his wife. Watching all this episodes unfolds is truly amazing to be honest. 

Now, at last,  the day is here! Walking down the road, shops seem brighter and REDER than normal; cards arranged nicely on the valentine’s card stand; chocolates for loved ones arranged neatly on another ends, fresh flowers right in front of the till, absolutely beautiful!

Right beside my office happens to be a florist; I just cannot help but notice people flooding in and out of the shop; all with nice beautiful bouquet in their hands, vibrant colours.  I also noticed them walking out of the shop; all with a big smile on their faces.  

Don’t you just love seeing all the red hearts in the stores and, the romantic commercials, for perfume and lingerie?. I'm sure by now you guys are done composing and sending your cute text(es) to you Bf’s or Gf’s, wife, husband and loved one. You've got your Hallmark cards ready, little cute present and the massive ones (ooh yeah! someone is going be engaged tonight). For some people the day is a big day while others frankly don’t understand the big fuss about it; some even called it a SAD day “single awareness day”. Whatever category you belong to; we should all show love to friends, family and to those special people in our lives. 

Sadly, people tend to display more care on valentine day in comparison to any other days. I'm sure that it’s easy to say that valentine’s day should be celebrated everyday; but we often get distracted by our daily activities and don’t make time for what I call “relationship upkeep.” Work, routines, and other obligations take priority, and our attention gets diverted. 

We should all practice showing love to people everyday; it shouldn't be  restricted to just once a year.  Little Act of love to make someone smile a day will do; sent that cute and funny text to your partner. 

So, whether your love is as new as shiny penny, or it has become as comfortable as your favourite pair of jeans, commit yourself to do the following throughout the year:

Act of love every day of the year!  NOTE: add “every day” to the end of each point.
  • Little things matters:  A lovely text message that reads “I love you”, “thinking of you”, funny text or perhaps a “good morning sweetheart text”. Also; you don’t need to rob a bank to show your loved ones that you care; you could wrap a small chocolate and present it to him or her, lovely vintage pen for work for a  friend is a nice gesture that you care. It’s the thought that matters. 
  • Communicate expectation: be direct and open to one another. If you don’t tell him or her; he or she will probably not know what you are thinking. Just say it out and clear your mind.                                                   
  • A Word of prayer: family that prays together stays together. Say a word of Prayer for him or her. 
  • Spend time together: Go out together; you don't have to book a  fancy restaurant. you could decided to stay in door and watch your favourite movie or TV show together. 

ADD YOUR OWN IDEAS….. But remember it not just limited to Valentine’s Day. May the lord Give us the Grace to show love everyday.

God Bless xx

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