Monday, 4 February 2013


Life is full of very many exciting things. It is full of paradoxes, while some are making it some are losing. There are great opportunities in life and everyone is attempting one or the other. Opportunity to be great, wealthy, healthy, educated, famous and so on.

I know you are attempting one right now, that is possibly the reason why you are here. But let me shock you with a statement of fact: there is nothing you want to become that someone has not been before you. YES, YOU HEAR ME RIGHT. THERE IS NOTHING YOU WANT TO BECOME THAT SOMEONE HAS NOT BEEN BEFORE YOU! To succeed therefore, you simply need to locate such individual and follow his footsteps.

How will you feel if for instance, in your journey to financial freedom, you have someone who has been there and such a one takes you by the hand and show you exactly where to put your legs.
Show you what to do, how to do it and even help you as you do it. THAT IS CORRECT, HELP YOU AS YOU DO IT! Are you surprise? You should. You are wondering how can someone help you do your work? Yes, it is possible. This does not mean taking over your role or turning you to a lazy fellow, but what have you left to do when someone has pointed factually all things to you?

MENTORING is all about holding people by the hand, showing them the way and helping them through without leaving them until they arrive at their destination. I know you have a dream of a great future. You need someone to walk with you and get you there. You can certainly be rich, be educated, be happily married and so on. I mean you can. You can be debt free and live the kind of life you have always desired. You have the potential, your mentor’s job is to help you see it, help you bring it out and help you turn it into reality.

Personal mentoring is one aspect of life that is seriously lacking. This is true because of the time it takes to be available to help you build your dream, help you remove the ‘stones’ from it and guide you in setting daily goals that will ensure it realization. Our schools are full of teachers but lack mentors, work places are full of bosses without experienced mentor and homes are full of fathers who themselves need guides. This is part of the reasons why youths graduate but are not educated.

As you set out to begin work on your dreams for the year, take a little time to seek for mentors who will not only ensure you succeed but fast and with little or no loses since you will be leaning from both their successes and failure. With the Lord by your side and your mentor at your back, you are certainly going to have a fruitful year.


Taiwo Opajobi
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