Friday, 15 March 2013

#ThinkingOutLoud - My Perspective on Life by Ayobami Sholola

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life - Muhammad Ali

It is just that we should be grateful, not only to those with whose views we may agree, but also to those who have expressed more superficial views; for these also contributed something, by developing before us the powers of thought - Aristotle
This is strictly personal. Its the way I view life, with my little knowledge and experience. Life to me is not about the survival of the fittest; it’s about the story of two - the difference maker and the onlooker.

I realised this some years back when we usually had to gather around a man performs magic in public places to earn money; Just in the evening, when people have just returned from work or their various business outlets with money in their pocket, this man will surface from nowhere, he won't shout to announce his presence, he will just do something extra ordinary which will make people know about his arrival, and within the twinkle of an eye, crowd will have gathered in their hundreds, everyone trying to catch a glimpse of his magic. Not only that, after each scenario, the crowds will be so impressed and are happily forced to drop some money as a gift to the man.

This scenario changed my perspective about life. It gave me a different meaning of life from an abnormal angle in a normal way. That unknown man at the centre stage was doing something extra ordinary and this attracted a large crowd, so, I called the man a difference maker, and the crowd, the onlookers.

 Even if you didn't understand the story above, am sure you must have experienced something similar before either as an onlooker or a difference maker.

The 'difference makers' are those with a passion to be different, to do something new, they have visions,  they have purpose, they are goal setters, they aim to  meet the targets that’s been set.
They choose wisely and accepts responsibility, they standout! They are everywhere but yet scarce, they are risk takers and they challenge the status quo. They pursue and overcome, they are learners, passionately seeking knowledge, and they draw inspiration from the onlookers.

On the other hand, the onlookers enjoy the movie, they give meaning to works of the different maker.This group of people are needed, they are as important as the difference maker.

Now, why must you be a difference maker?
1. Onlookers will pay to watch you
2. You will inspire few of them and become a role model in the process.
3. You will draw inspiration to do more and to do better when the onlookers watch you.

You can also be an onlooker with a difference, that is if you are fortunate to be, some are getting paid just for looking.  Apart from that, did you know how much you can gain personally from being an onlooker? The sad thing is, few onlookers draw inspiration and ideas whilst they are looking, majority are just looking for the fun of it.

Almost all 'difference makers' were once onlookers, but what distinguished them is their hunger to take the stage and attract their own onlookers. They are tired of looking; they want to be looked at.  So they challenge the status quo in their lives and at last you are attracted to come look at them, not only that, some paid to do so.

OK let's agree, everyone may not be a difference maker on the world stage, but do we have to?


Being famous is not one of the characteristics of difference making, it’s not a prerequisites; it’s just an option. Like my example above, the man on the centre stage is neither on TV nor newspapers, no one even knew his name, but all that never played a role in gathering his own crowd.

My conclusion - be a difference maker in your home, family, community and career. Change something, let others learn from you, let them watch you do something different, let others draw inspiration from what you know.

You have what it takes; the sad thing is that while you are in doubt of your own ability to join the league, other difference makers are weary of your emergence.  Think!

When you find yourself in an onlooker's position, don't just catch fun, acquire knowledge and be inspired. For example, as an upcoming entertainer, when you are watching D'banj, have fun, learn from him and extract necessary inspirations from his performance.

Do this to help yourself. Remember, He who closes his ears to the views of others shows little confidence in the integrity of his own views - William Congreve

It’s imperative that you change your world.

Would love to hear your perspective....

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  1. I am @mkurfi2.
    Thank you so much for coming up with this short and wonderful piece. Human beings need to reason beyond their imaginations and see things beyond their images. Sani Kaita's red card in the world cup coast Nigeria, but Suarez red card against Ghana made the lad a Hero, in which Uruguay won! Scientific reasoning, to act where it matters the most and making decisions and talking responsibility where is needed. I use football as an example because that is where i come to understand what your piece is heading to. There more examples on these in our daily lives..... Once again thank you for this piece, a good one!

    1. Sir your example is fabulous. And this " Human beings need to reason beyond their imaginations and see things beyond their images" sums it all up! Thank you for this wonderful contribution sir.

  2. "It’s imperative that you change your world" that is a fine conclusion, we MUST do all to leave this world a better place than we met it. Great piece my oga, my papa. Lool. But..........

    1. My Oga at the top! You are on point sir. Leaving the world a better place for others is very essential. Thanks for this!

  3. Tope Aigba @topsyken16 March 2013 at 10:50

    Thank u dear for this wonderful piece. Yes,all of us were once on lookers until we decided to change the status quo. Thank God for Grace for change that He has given to some of us. Proud of u my Brother.

  4. Aunty Tope am proud of you too. You don't realise how much you are imparting me. Thank you for the great contribution. God Bless you ma!

  5. Nice piece Oga Ayobami ! We all need to be a difference maker at a point in our life not just watching and enjoying the movie every time.