Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Your Perspective of Your Problem Is Your Problem

"As a matter of fact, in most cases,the problem is not the problem; the problem is the person confronting the problem. Let this sink into your mind. Write it clearly where you can see it:
life is about perspectives. It is about how you see things that happen to you and not so much about the things that happen to you.

“As he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Understand that the size of the inner capacity of the person is more important than the size of the problem. There is no point running frantically all over the places trying desperately to solve a problem.
The moment you become desperate, your behaviour shows that the problem is bigger than you are. The first thing you have to do if you feel anxious is to expand inside.

The unfortunate thing however is that most people’s lives are ruled by the threat of their problems. “When it comes to the issue of solving problems, your attitude to the problem is more important than the reality of the problem. What do problems mean to you? A wise man says, “In the presence of adversity, some develop wings; others buy crutches.”

Don't think something has happened to you that has never happened to anyone before.

This is not true. The moment you allow your problem to birth in you a negative attitude, a belief in impossibility, you would not be able to handle the problem objectively. Instead of looking for solutions, you would be looking for excuses for failure"

Sam Adeyemi


  1. thanks for sharing this bro. its just what i need atm.