Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Peak Into The Future

June 21, 2041

Dear Son,

Congratulations on your baby-to-be! I remember the feeling your mom and I had when we discovered you would be born, way back in 2014. I know, I know—it was a very long time ago. But I remember the anticipation and the angst we felt knowing we were about to introduce another child into this world.

I’ve intended to say something to you for a long time but never found the words. I guess it’s easier for me to write them than to say them to your face. I know it sounds cliché, but you’ll be raising your child in such a different world than the one you grew up in. Everything’s changed. In your early years, life seemed so easy; you were on top of the world. We hovered over you, intending to pave the way for your education and your career. We wanted you to know we believed in you; that you were special and could do anything you set your mind to. We wanted your self-esteem and self-confidence to be rock solid.

Looking back, I realize that in our efforts to help you, we actually hurt you. Please know, we meant well. As I ponder your situation now, with your adoption of technology, I can see you’re in a difficult spot. What’s more, because we let you make use of technology as an asset in totality; you weren’t prepared for the world that awaited you. We just didn’t know what to do. You depended on help from our coach to get you through each week, you lacked a realistic plan (what with the economy in 2030), and you were as addicted to social media network then as you are today. We couldn’t seem to find a way to prepare you for the future you now face.

Son, with all the help your mother and I tried to give you, we ended up doing just the opposite. We hindered you from becoming the best version of you possible rather than your virtual self.  All of this hit me like a ton of bricks last night. I watched a documentary on culture change, and I was shocked to see the impact my generation (parents, teachers, coaches, youth workers, entrepreneurs, and employers) has had on yours. The program painted an all-too-familiar picture of you and so many of your friends:

• Adults living in isolation because they can’t communicate effectively in their marriages.
• Social media junkies with little to no emotional intelligence or people skills.
• Obese adults who are stressed and don’t have the discipline to eat right and exercise.
• Nearly an entire generation addicted to “happy pills” because of chronic anxiety and depression.
• A generation of adults we allowed to pass through school without really learning.
• Midlife adults who are in a “love you hate you” relationship with their parents. (I keep wondering if that’s true of us.)
All this saddens me because it’s so unnecessary. With the baby coming, now it’s your turn to lead.

What scares me most is the violence today. In 2021, we all began to read about the youth bulge. Your generation worldwide is huge. Remember what I told you then? When a nation’s population of young people is over 30%, violence almost always follows. I’m afraid the terrorism you’ve seen in the last twenty years will only get worse due to the sheer size of your generation.

Son, I hope you can forgive me—forgive us—for not leading you better. But more important, I hope you can somehow make up for our mistakes. You’re about to become a dad and make me a granddad. Please lead this little one well. Let your child realized that what powers economic growth is not technology – technology is a raw material. What makes human beings unique is one thing – creativity. All else are subsets. Creativity powers economic growth. Do better than we did in raising the next generation. It may be our only chance to save our future.

I love you,

Tomisin Ajiboye
Idea management, problem solving.
Creativity Consultant at Solvere Word Consult
Author: Crazetivity Seriex, CIDPIE creative process model, Midde 1.0
Founder: #InspireMonday( & Creative Entrepreneur Organization CEO
Twitter - @tomisinajiboye


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