Sunday, 14 April 2013


In the long run, we’re all fertilizer, that’s a guarantee.

But what about the other long run effects?

In the long run, we all learn that…

happiness is a gift we give ourselves.

being nice and kindhearted wins out.

going the extra mile pays off.

simplicity is the key to good life.

time is more important than money.

the best things in life are free.

attitude truly is everything.

behavior never lies.

excuses are character deficiencies.

living within our means is smart living.

gratitude enhances your quality of life.

humility is more powerful that arrogance.

reputation is built over many acts and lost by one.

trust once lost is virtually impossible to regain.

excellence is the only acceptable standard.

having character is far more important than being a character.

a promise made must become a promise kept.

integrity is profoundly important.

everything we think, say and do counts.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

P.S. Do something big, bold and beautiful this week!


  1. excuses are character deficiencies...... This keeps ringing in my head