Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Greatness Comes With Obsession

As usual, I came on twitter to see what is happening around me, since twitter has become my news and learning app. Then, I saw these tweets from @omojuwa and they got me thinking.

" Hard not to get what you daily obsess about if your obsession is backed with effort" - Omojuwa

" Sir Alex Ferguson keeps winning because he is obsessed with winning. Greatness comes with its obsessions" -Omojuwa

" Arsene Wenger only needs to be obsessed with winning a trophy as he is with getting a top 4 finish" - Omojuwa

What readily comes to your mind when you hear the word OBSESSION? Is it the image of a guy who can get enough of a lady? A higher percentage of people believe that obsession is an evil, dirty vice. Obsession is a powerful force that gives focus and clarity.

Life also has activation costs. There are many pursuits that require a minimum threshold of effort to make any improvement at all. Getting over that
activation hurdle is often the hardest part.  In order to attain the desirable success, I need to be temporarily obsessed with that idea of success. Healthy obsession that can often lead to success.

My obsession for success is my ability to devote the major portion of my conscious thoughts and efforts to reaching my goal.

My Definite Purpose became more than a mere wish; it became my Burning Desire! I'm so willed to succeed, so obsessed with the idea of success, it's what drives me to be more than I initially aimed to be.

“The world has the habit of making room for the man whose actions show that he knows where he is going.” Napoleon Hill

Becoming obsessed in your goal will make you more and more invested in your goal, and direct all of your energies towards its achievement as quickly as possible. I need to be totally engrossed with my object of obsession so as to create a spark of success. The upward movement gains speed and acceleration to achieve the result, fuelled by my commitment, thereby becoming more efficient and persistent in reaching my desirable destination. My obsession is where my priority lies, it's where I derive the energy to accelerate toward my goal.

"When you develop an obsession for your life’s assignment, your success will become automatic and unstoppable" - unknown.

Whatever you focus on long enough, literally becomes the reality that you create.

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  1. Obsession like greed can be a positive thing. A driver to succeed and overcome failures.
    It is let for the individual to decide how to channel it.
    Keep at it bro

    1. "It is let for the individual to decide how to
      channel it" I like that, Channeling our inner strength, that is something for me to think about. Thanks sir.

  2. Great piece! My take away - "Whatever you focus on long enough, literally becomes the reality that you create."

    1. Oh la la! Thanks for your kind word sir.

  3. I see you're getting obsessed with writing, keep at it and you'll become a writer, sooner than later. Powerful message....