Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Strength of Weakness

Acceptance is not convincing yourself that something is right when it is wrong. Acceptance is a life long process that we need to revisit every now and again.  Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? It seems like a simple enough question — pretty straightforward. We all know where we excel and where we come up short. We put on a brave face, but deep inside chide ourselves, “If I could just get better, everything would be different.”

Monday, 27 May 2013

Children's Day Special - Poem

Smiles as pure as the springs
Trust, joy, hope beyond things
Dreams cracking the doubt of reality
these I carry to share with humanity

To the dawn of each day
I build dreams
While the sun and moon war for dawn
I war for my dreams to fly

Today I plead for a world
Vague of dearth, safe for me to grow
I have a dream... save it
I see fear... kill it
I abhor doubt... swallow it
My smile is threatened
Child labour, rape, violence, gender inequality...
I need a world to spread my wings in possibilities
Save tomorrow by saving me! 

Olajumoke Rasaq

Aladeloba Babatunde - Are they still children?

Recently, I was caught in between the audacity shown by a teenage boy to hit his mother and the shock expressed by the aged woman. Details of the happening i wasn't interested in, because no reason I thought should justify such courage. Its the 21st century and I can gladly say that a lot of transformations have taken place, all to benefit humanity, the continuous innovations in science has birthed advanced technology; we now have smart phones that will connect us to all parts of the world,  ‘posh cars’ for comfort while driving and even our governmental system has escaped from the predatory autocracy (military) to democracy, but one change has saddened my heart and that is LOSS OF MORALITY especially; children, they have lost their innocence.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

#LearnersDiary: Lesson 2 - Self Evaluation

I guess I don’t need any more introductions; everyone now calls me a Learner. The last time on twitter, @Questionnaire asked people to copy (or mention) a learner they know, I was so surprised, more than 50 tweeps including that “slim taller than thou boy” called Demola (@OccupyNaija) copied (or mentioned) me *SMH*. It’s amazing how people learn so fast when it comes to name calling.

Okay, thank God I made it back again, this is not a remix though; it’s another lesson from my diary. Two weeks ago I started with Comparison and I appreciate all your comments. On this one too, I urge you to please enlighten me more with your contributions and comments.

So what have I learned?

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Some things Do last Forever

Nothing lasts forever, they say. Life will definitely come to an end, a popular belief. So what do people mean when they talk of an "indelible mark", a "lasting impact", "leaving marks on the sands of time". If nothing truly lasts forever, why should I care about things like these remarks. I thought about this and realized that everything material fades away and ultimately loses meaning.

 We all want the best things in life, we want to have it all, we spend and are being spent so as to have all the good things life can offer. We are busy running from pole to pole. We get up at 4am and retire at 12am on the average. Don't get me wrong, I want to have the best of everything and I certainly think you also want the same. I know  that it's better to cry in an Audi A8L 3.OT than in a "keke napep". Life offers goodies that we daily pursue, we all want these goodies. My point is we all want to be comfortable and this isn't a crime.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rejoinder: Greatness does not come by obsession, it comes by Grace!

I am suppose to publish the Lesson 2 of my new #LearnersDairy series which I started last week and am sure a lot of you will be surprised why I didn’t do so. Well am so sorry, some things need to be given more serious urgent attention. I guess I changed course earlier this week to loud what I have been thinking for the past two weeks on Famuyide Olawale's assertion of greatness being a product of obsession, if you have not read it, then please don’t continue this, you will get confused. Greatness comes with obsession can be found here

I have read this article so many times and I must confess it was quite inspiring and very motivational. I love the way he drove the concept of obsession as the needed catalyst for greatness but the real me didn't agree with this fact and that is the prime essence of this article.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Just like a Superman

You may be wondering why I chose to write on this topic today, it should have been my first introductory topic considering the depth I have travelled already. I have a major weakness, I assume intelligence a lot but it has served as my strength many more times too, so I was never worried about working on it as a weakness but rather manage it, to continually transform it to strength in dealing with people.

I was at a business breakfast in Lagos Business School this last Saturday and it was an awesome networking moment and a great tweeting moment too. I could not totally say that I wasted my time and energy because I met great minds and it is the cause of this write up. Starting from the beginning of the business meeting through to the end, the three speakers didn't impress me a bit with their witty-wash talks and shabby dressing. Hey, I am not the “know-it-all” type; I always want to learn more every day. In fact, it was learning more that took me there in the first place; you think I like to waste my time intentionally? Duh! Anyway, let us get down to the full gist and stop wasting precious time 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013



Some people have the gift of randomness. The ability to move through things and glean from all and also make use of it all. They also have a lot of fun and give a new meaning to the word spontaneous. They are not easily defined, they are fluid that take the shape of their containing vessels. They can easily pick up new skills and adapt with ease. This is what I call the Beauty of Randomness.

"True randomness is like true perfection: Without a correlation in reality" - The Atomic Clock

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

#LearnersDiary: Lesson I - Comparison

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner (the Learner) everywhere - Chinese proverbs

Everyone knows am a learner, some don't understand why I adopted the name, some does without asking questions, I guess those ones understands life  and the need for growth and unlimited knowledge.

Some preferred to be called an earner instead of a learner, I guess they don't understand the gravity of their wish because when you stop learning, you get stuck; you won't earn more than you are getting already.

Am an earner too, considering my annual take home, but apart from that, I have learnt to nourish my inner self which in the long run  has helped my outward appearance. I  also believe the more I learn, the more I earn,  the more I give.