Monday, 27 May 2013

Aladeloba Babatunde - Are they still children?

Recently, I was caught in between the audacity shown by a teenage boy to hit his mother and the shock expressed by the aged woman. Details of the happening i wasn't interested in, because no reason I thought should justify such courage. Its the 21st century and I can gladly say that a lot of transformations have taken place, all to benefit humanity, the continuous innovations in science has birthed advanced technology; we now have smart phones that will connect us to all parts of the world,  ‘posh cars’ for comfort while driving and even our governmental system has escaped from the predatory autocracy (military) to democracy, but one change has saddened my heart and that is LOSS OF MORALITY especially; children, they have lost their innocence.

A child is anyone (son or daughter) that has parents, but legally has defined by the United Nations; a child is a minority-anyone below the age of eighteen. In my opinion, a child should mandatorily still be under the care of the parents or guardian. At this stage in life, the person has little or no right to opinions. The voice of your parents or guardian is what you speak.

Growing up as child, i happened to be the last in a family of five, i enjoyed cartoons (Power Rangers, Tom and Jerry, etc), and scrap palace (a very educative television programme). There were lots of games i engaged in (football, police and thief, Bubble gum) and the girls found pleasure in ‘suwe’ and ‘ten ten.’ I never had the guts to talk back at my elder ones, let alone, my parents.  In my generation, everywhere you went, you hear the hynm "all things bright and beautiful" or the recitation of ‘state and capital.’ We could hardly wait for the holidays as it was the time to hear the latest folk tales from grand parents and grand uncles.We were innocent, timid and our emotions were fragile. Even as teenagers, what the boys enjoyed was football competition and the girls were always in the home economics laboratory, we only clashed in class during debates or academic activities.

Today, the tunes are different and very unpleasant, the present generation children have sold out innocence and are very knowlegdeable of immoral acts unknown to adults. They no longer want to see grandparents or hear boring folk tales, they no longer enjoy scrap palace has it has been scrapped and for power rangers; there is no electricity to power their television sets. Imagine your little boy snapping at you becuase you scolded him, he demands kickback from his elder ones when on errands or tells a lie about the balance not being available and then prays you forget so he can go back to get it.  I once overheard a primary school student telling her friend about the cutest boy in their class, does that correlate with Multiplications table? About a year ago, i returned to my secondary school to get the original certificate of my O' level result, in the process of searching for it, a female student was beckoned upon by a staff for her dress code; it wasnt portraying  any form of modesty and lacked the school’s culture. The skirt was way too fiting as well as short and in my heart, i wept for Nigeria. Today, the most interesting part of a film to the teenage girl is always the erotic scenes; kissing, romance and all sorts. Once the movie has no sexual scenes, she tell her friends that it is not interesting, that is a negative wow!!! Well, no thanks to our artistes who have successfully handed semi-pornography at the doorstep of our homes.

Congratulations to you as a parent, you got a pay rise and you decided to buy a smartphone for your teenage daughter, in my opinion, you have decided to sponsor her frivolous academy. After that day, you will never meet with the phone again, if you are then fortunate to meet the phone, it will be on phone lock because the content of the phone; the eyes of the devil will be too holy to behold. At just sixteen, three men have had the carnal knowledge of your daughter including one abortion and she is preparing for her final secondary school exams, then you expect her to be focused. If she finally succeeds at failing then you put the blame on her teachers at school, forgetting that "charity begins at home." Your teenage boy, is always with mints or tomtom in his mouth and pockets, he claims he always has a cough and to clear his throat, when he is not ready to go into music, i think he might have been sniffing cigarette and if really he has a cough, watch the codeine, it is a stimulant.

As parents and Guardians, you have been engrossed with the responsibility of creating a future leaving behind the present, as the same children are ill-equipped for the future we are creating for them. It is high time we returned to PTA meetings of schools, the meetings are not platforms to showcase class by donating cash for a new library or class building; it should be an avenue to make decisions that will equip the children with mental and physical abilities to enable them meet with the future resources being created for them. These children need support and most importantly, moral education. Disciplinary actions should be given when necessary and counselling when deemed fit. They need to be empowered and given leadership roles at home, the younger children should be taught how to diligently follow their elder ones. Books that best suit their age bracket should be bought for them, and they should be encouraged to watch educative TV programmes with parental guide. Parenting is beyond meeting material needs of a child, children have emotional and spiritual needs, enable them relate their fears and misunderstandings to you. In my opinion, parenting should be friendship, you should be your child's best friend if possible.

Before I conclude, just because we are changing does not mean we should throw away our value system; our children can no longer write narrative essays of their last holidays but can spell bound the opposite sex with a well written love letter, and then we doubt the statistics that only 10 candidates scored above 300 in the last matriculation examinations. It is simply because  they have lost focus and channelled potentials into wrong actions.

In conclusion, i fear the future we are creating cannot be commited into such minds as there might be total loss of our moral values, dıssapearance in chastity and expect worse debate and decisions compared to what we have today at the floor of the national assembly,  take a look into the eyes of the child next to you, is he still innocent? Is she still a child? Yes, legally, as she is still under 18,  but she is no longer innocent and yet not guilt-stricken, so i ask that "Are they still children?"

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