Monday, 27 May 2013

Children's Day Special - Poem

Smiles as pure as the springs
Trust, joy, hope beyond things
Dreams cracking the doubt of reality
these I carry to share with humanity

To the dawn of each day
I build dreams
While the sun and moon war for dawn
I war for my dreams to fly

Today I plead for a world
Vague of dearth, safe for me to grow
I have a dream... save it
I see fear... kill it
I abhor doubt... swallow it
My smile is threatened
Child labour, rape, violence, gender inequality...
I need a world to spread my wings in possibilities
Save tomorrow by saving me! 

Olajumoke Rasaq


  1. Obviously, Tomorrow belongs to Us and ' We, are the Children...'

  2. Wat a great write up by a great writer,the writer of this piece must be a being that understand the feelings of this little ones,and I must say she did a good work by voicing out what these young ones had on their minds. Kudos to the writer

  3. This is really a wonderful piece... You're indeed a great writer. Looking forward to more of such from you.

  4. I believe vehemently that this is the best piece of our time. It penetrates deep to unfold the challenges confronting our children in this harsh environment.of a truth, this writer has an intense feelings for this children and an unflinching desire to restore smiles to dispirited faces and hope to the hopeless.kudos
    In addendum, this is a masterpiece and a must read for everyone out there.

  5. Thank you all for reading

  6. This is a good one. Deep, phylosophical and rich in content. The children need these words for reflection and focus. Keep it up.