Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Strength of Weakness

Acceptance is not convincing yourself that something is right when it is wrong. Acceptance is a life long process that we need to revisit every now and again.  Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? It seems like a simple enough question — pretty straightforward. We all know where we excel and where we come up short. We put on a brave face, but deep inside chide ourselves, “If I could just get better, everything would be different.”

One of the keys to strength is accepting how fragile and vulnerable we are. Acknowledging our limits is the beginning of our strength.  I know it hurts to hear, but you’re not perfect. Don’t worry. No one expects you to be. Pretending like they don’t exist, on the other hand, can have tragic consequences.

Let's be honest with ourselves, but not overly harsh. What gets us into trouble? What is that achilles heel we always struggle with? What holds you back? Go on. Truth is liberating. Weakness doesn't have to be looked at with negativity. Note that a weakness for one could be considered to be a strength for another.

Admitting you’re not good at something, or even really bad at it, does not mean at all that you are giving up. When you can clearly state your weaknesses, without justifying them or making excuses, others know you’re real.

"It takes as much courage to accept our weakness as it does to boldly trudge onward with our strength". - T Jay Taylor.

Be careful not to make excuses for your character flaws, but accept your weaknesses and focus rather on building your strengths. To accept our weaknesses as a normal part of being human is the key to having the resilience to bounce back from failure and to have the boundless determination to carry on.

"Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness" - Jean Vanier.

Our weaknesses are simply a part of the learning curve on your pathway to success. Recognizing our biggest weakness could be our biggest asset.

The Greatest of all men are sometimes the weakest of all. 

Let me conclude with the lyric of Accepting Our Weakness by Oceans Of Sadness

So go on! You win, all the games that
we've been in
Kill all the laughter, kill all the joy
Bring on the madness so that we can
Clear us from sin, all the guilt we feel
Kill all the laughter, kill all the joy
Bring on the sadness so that I can
And peel off your skin! All the layers
'round your sin
Kill all the laughter, kill all the joy
Show me the truth behind your walls
Wisdom and skills, show the castle
you live in
Kill all the laughter, kill all the joy
Tear all the walls down so that I can
We are all we'll ever be, no one will
Time is running out like me
I will not live on...
We are all we'll ever be
Untill we will grow our wings and fly ...

My attitude is that if you push
me towards something that you
think is a weakness, then I will
turn that perceived weakness
into a strength. - Michael Jordan

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