Tuesday, 7 May 2013



Some people have the gift of randomness. The ability to move through things and glean from all and also make use of it all. They also have a lot of fun and give a new meaning to the word spontaneous. They are not easily defined, they are fluid that take the shape of their containing vessels. They can easily pick up new skills and adapt with ease. This is what I call the Beauty of Randomness.

"True randomness is like true perfection: Without a correlation in reality" - The Atomic Clock

My first thought came from what Tomisin Ajiboye said, " I am so random this morning" though he was referring to the series of tweets he was tweeting that morning but beyond that, I saw how he was communicating information through those "random tweets". Later in the afternoon, I was washing...yes I am bachelor, so I still do my own washing. *Tongue out*, anyway, the above phrase (MY NAME IS BANKOLE,AND I CAN DO MANY THINGS)  struck me, the ability to do all things. Dang!

"Self-control means wanting to
be effective at some random
point in the infinite radiations of
my spiritual existence" -
Franz Kafka

The beauty of Randomness is that you can have a taste of everything and determine what to focus on. You are capable of a lot of things.  Randomness may appear senseless at a point, but it sure points to a definite direction. Randomness is a good thing, it gives a preview of what can be. It helps you to determine what your strength can carry, how far you can go doing a particular thing.  Randomness doesn't require a set of rules to function. You are able to pick up skills and learn it and move to unto the next one. I have met few people who started out on one skill but by their act of being random, they've picked up a great deal of skills, if in doubt ask @MrBankole.

"Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide" - Unknown.

If one is internally focused to that inner voice and follows where it leads, this can appear as extreme randomness to others. Random people, often veer into uncharted territory, there are those who discover new ideas and new ways of doing things, they are not streamlined by the common rules of man. They break rules to make rules. People often say, "be focused".  True, but I have found that focusing at times becomes tradition, it becomes enslaving, your ability not to try new things. It's time to stop thinking outside the box and do away with the box entirely. Like Tomisin wrote on his bbm status this morning "AN idea is not enough for the wise", Daniel Emeka wrote on his facebook wall " You cannot be a billionaire with graphic design as your only job description". Test all spirits! Try your hands on different skills, am sure you will strike your gold mine.

To be random, follow your impulses.

I am @famuyideolawale
I am a Reader, not a Writer.


  1. Nice, Time to focus on being random.

  2. Wale, this is just beautiful. Short and concise.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Errm... I'm OkunadeGoodMan, I design cool stuffs. :D

  3. Different strokes for different folks. Genius know something about virtually everything. Be focused @ doing one thing perfectly well. Be a voice in the chosen field and go on to be random, because in the end; you only need you to breal the rules and make new ones.
    Do what pleases you and gives you so much joy because when work is seen as play, you work more bcos you find fun in it.

  4. Nice piece. Ermmm what exactly do you mean by "I am still a bachelor so I still do my own washing? *rme*


    1. Its means, i do my own laundry because i love washing. Satisfied? *pop collar*

  5. Opeyemi, what else could it mean? You just like to de find trouble... You still find trouble reach here? Mschew!

    The Baby Phoenix (@OccupyNaija)

  6. Ademola God help you say thief do steal my BB oh. You know Wetin I for do you. Thief come visit us for 2am oh.. :(

  7. I hope randomness should not be taken for lack of focus and jack of all trades.
    It has to do with freeing ones mind and being able to see from different perspectives. Also being able to operate on different levels as sees best.

  8. This article depicts me perfectly!!! I do hope to carve out a niche for myself despite my diverse interests!

    Thank you. You write real good, sir.


  9. What exactly do u mean by 'I'm still a bachelor so I still do my own washing' so when u get married the job automatically becomes ur wife's own!!!! Do I detect an hint of chavinistic flavour here... Smh

  10. Udegbunam Chuks8 May 2013 at 16:32

    Ghen ghen. You don bring wahala for ya sef with that washing line. Lol

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  12. Rondomness uniquely. Opening the mind to vast opportunities, doing away with the "box" and breaking rules to create new ones!

    Thought provoking one boss.

    Why the noise about the laudry line and married and being unmarried? Me o @newnaija am married with three boyses plus myself making three boyses and madam at the top, I do all all the laundries ( roll one eye in a semicolon with an evil grin )

    Mind ya business joor , that's why we have washiing machine lol