Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rejoinder: Greatness does not come by obsession, it comes by Grace!

I am suppose to publish the Lesson 2 of my new #LearnersDairy series which I started last week and am sure a lot of you will be surprised why I didn’t do so. Well am so sorry, some things need to be given more serious urgent attention. I guess I changed course earlier this week to loud what I have been thinking for the past two weeks on Famuyide Olawale's assertion of greatness being a product of obsession, if you have not read it, then please don’t continue this, you will get confused. Greatness comes with obsession can be found here

I have read this article so many times and I must confess it was quite inspiring and very motivational. I love the way he drove the concept of obsession as the needed catalyst for greatness but the real me didn't agree with this fact and that is the prime essence of this article.

I am a learner, it is not a news any more  and in my process of learning, I measure the quality of a fact on three bases. First, I measure its Actuality, then its Reality and Spirituality. If that fact failed to satisfy the condition of any of the stages, I will drop it, but sometimes, I tried to complete the whole process especially when am really interested. For space constraint, I have actually ignored writing my analysis based on the Actuality of the fact, I will just quickly express my disapproval based on Reality and Spirituality.

In Reality

I don’t think greatness comes just by obsession as analysed by my brother. It baffles me how this can be when I think about a lot of people I know personally with great obsession for greatness and still with their immeasurable effort to achieve this, they never did. Experience they say it’s the best teacher, but what if we ignore experience and face reality, greatness on the platform expressed by Famuyide Olawale using Sir Alex Ferguson as an example is not a position everyone can attain. 170million Nigerians with OBSESSION to be GREAT like Sir Alex and with same efforts and actions is realistically impossible and unthinkable. Ok let’s forget about Sir Alex here, in my little experience, I have met more men with obsession accompanied by effort which I can’t match, that still lingers in the ravine of their dream.

From when we were young, we always want to fly like a superman, like my brother Tomisin Ajiboye explained in his article Just Like Superman, but actually, can we all fly? Yes we can, in our own little way. But in reality, we can’t fly equally, just like no bird can march an Eagle. We can’t also achieve greatness equally, but we can all be great, and like I stress in my LESSON 1 OF THE #LEARNERSDIARY, comparison will only pull us down to the lowest end.

Obsession is the domination of ones thought or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire. It's the force behind a though which preoccupies ones mind. For example, a man can be overwhelmingly obsessed with a woman or vice versa. We can be obsessed with material things like cloths, shoes and so on. Really, the fact that we are obsessed with something doesn't guarantee automatic acquisition, same fact goes with efforts. Obsession naturally exist in us, just like jealousy, greediness and other emotional aura. Attributing greatness to obsession undermines greatness itself.

Greatness is not cheap and that is why it is not all obsessed individuals are great despite their efforts.
Greatness can be found inside of us all, we just need to search deep and find it obsession is not a condition for it.
Another important fact to note is that, Greatness is not when the whole world witness our success, it is when our heart finds pleasure in what we have achieved and when we apprehend this, obsession won’t be a factor.

In Spirituality

Obsession backed with efforts and the right actions is a recommended step towards achieving your purpose in life but what about the place of GRACE? We mustn't be too intellectual to ignore the God-factor in everything we do or achieve. I am a spiritualist, and it is better to be one in this crazy world. The place of Grace cannot be ignored in Greatness. Grace set you apart; single you out for greatness even without the required standard of effort and obsession. Grace is God’s unmerited favour; assistance given to humans.

Even when it comes to leadership, in almost every situation, leaders that become great have one thing in common. They have the GRACE TO BE GREAT. This special grace is inextricably bound up in humility. It seems to me that God has reserved this grace for all, obsessing for what as actually been reserved for you is an unnecessary mind torture.

Greatness is like a cloak you get adorned with. You never really ask for it or aim for it or get obsessed, but by God’s grace, through His unique process, He clothes men with greatness. But to receive this grace, you must be ready to strip yourself of your right to be somebody great. It’s a mystery, but that’s how it works!!!

Before I continue, let me make this clear, the definition of my humbleness here is not same as that of the opposite of pride, rather the opposite of obsession. A state where you do what is required with the required effort and expect God's Grace to liberate you into Greatness.

So in a mysterious way, the highest positions in life are reserved for those who are prepared to be really humbled. I hear you ask, what do you really mean? Moses had to be stripped of his Egyptian ‘princeliness’ before God raised him up to deliver Israel from Egypt, he wasn't obsessed, he was even surprise when God called him. Joseph was stripped of his colourful coat, enslaved, and imprisoned before being supernaturally elevated into being second most powerful position in all of Egypt.
If a man must be great, then he must become comfortable with being a nobody. Mandela was sent to prison for 27 years and all his plans dead, but God in the process prepared a nation for him. He came out of prison with a truly servant heart and today is the number one statesman in the world. Martin Luther King Jnr, saw a purpose greater than himself and gave his very life for it. Today, he has a holiday dedicated to his birthday. His name enshrined in history.

The above mentioned personalities never really get obsessed to be great, they are just doing what they are called to do or what they thought was right and in the process, they were conferred with the grace to be great. Remember, these people are not the best in their time, there are others with same or more efforts than theirs, but what can take the place of Grace? Obsession?

Therefore, let me conclude that obsession and efforts only are not enough to make you great, Grace is a factor to consider.

My name is Ayo Sholola, my Greatness comes by Grace.

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  1. Oh well, nice. Greatness comes with obsession. The people you talked about saying they were obsessed with greatness and still haven't achieved much are actually not obsessed. When u obsessed,you go the extra mile,you questions conventional wisdom,I mean you will break every barrier that can hold you down from becoming great. Mind you,there are people who just talk about how they wanna be great and all but are so far even understanding the letter G. I understand the aspect of grace too. I also know that the bible talks God blessing the works of our hands. Grace is available while been busy with something,doing something deligently,putting all of you into it,been obsessed with something..


    1. Great contributions there Ope. Thank you. Meanwhile, I actually didnt rule out the place of hardwork as well. The examples I gave up there validate this. Faith without work is dead. What I stressed is the importance of "Grace" which is the God-Factor needed to crown our efforts and hardwork and launch us into greatness.
      Thank you once again.

  2. Obsession without grace/hardwork without grace will bring about fustration. The bible says winning the race has nothing to do with your swiftness nor is winning a battle determined by how strong you are, its ok to prepare and workhard for greatness but the place of GRACE cannont be over-emphasised. Well done Elder Ayobami and Ope I still love u...

    1. Thanks mummy Biola. Thanks for the understanding and biblical reference. I really decided to express my opinion more on a general spiritual understanding and that is why i didnt site any religious text, quotes or verse. if i were to, there are lots of biblical reference to validate my point. Thanks for expressing one of them God bless you ma.

  3. Good rejoinder boss. I will "comment my reserve" in one of my coming post. There we will look at the "technicality" of greatness without the spiritual hindsight. But on the issue of grace, you are on point.

  4. This article is actually the needed balance in d school of motivation.Personal experiences have taught me dat most outstanding promotions are often times products of supernatural intervention in human affiars.That is not disregarding the place of hard work and obsession but d supernatural is the catalyst that elevates one into the realm of d fufilment of ones destiny.It is like d yeast that gives life to d object of ones desire.This supernatural is never a product of ones excertion but a function of divine enablement which isnt in any way dependent on ones ability or input.A perfect example is President Goodluck Jonathan.Until this balance is internalised,ones understanding of the concept of success is incomplete .

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