Saturday, 29 June 2013

As smart as Sony Xperia z

I haven’t really been a huge fan of smartphones until I encountered and had this divine connection with my new Xperia Z; I happened to get hold of it a month after it was released in the UK. It isn't  the best smart phone in the market and for sure it might not be the best looking phone in carphone warehouse, but I’m in love with it anyways. The instant I opened the case, me and my Xperia Z connected and we jelled like jelly beans. Don’t be jealous of our relationship but I’m pretty sure you have your connection with your iPhone, blackberry; whatever phone you have with you that connects you to the world.

Sunday, 23 June 2013



Last week, I wrote on a very sensitive issue in our society that has eaten deep into the fabrics of our lives, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. After reading and re-reading it, My Brother Ayobami opined that the article is not complete unless I delve deeper into the causes of domestic violence and subsequently how it can be eradicated or at the most, reduced to the barest minimum.

What are the causes of domestic violence? What will make a man/woman/parent/child abuse that person you profess to love? Why would you want to hurt someone you love?

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Into The Unknown

"If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary" – Jim Rohn

Everyone loves a good  life. Where everything seems to be perfect and working out according to the script. We hope for perfection, we shy away from pain and tear, when things that cause us pains occur, we feel that the world is definitely upside down. We love our comfort zone. It seems we've created this line of thought that "if we expect too much, then we are likely to experience disappointment." Our lives seem perfect, we have "perfect" jobs, family and everything.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

#LearnersDiary: Lesson 3 - Acts of Movin'On

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner (the Learner) everywhere - Chinese proverbs

My act of learning in the past few years has continued to broaden my thinking horizon. Serious questions has been raised from deep within, and immeasurable time has been invested to find answers. As you should know, effective learning situations require time for thinking and studying. I tried to learn more so i can do less to succeed. Meanwhile, as I continue to learn, I felt so uncomfortable not sharing what I have learned and this is what lead me into this LearnersDiary series, and with the feedbacks i have received in the past few weeks, I am motivated to continue and today I present to you, #LearnersDiary: Lesson 3.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Tope Aigba: Do You Love Me to Hurt Me?

On Friday 14th June, my brother Ayobami Sholola @ayosholola and I were chatting when he said something about “life issues & perspectives” and it struck a chord in me and the word “Women Battering” flashed through my mind. On getting back to my office, I began to think and ruminate on the thought. I consulted a friend @ameh_arome that have an ongoing advocacy against every form of domestic violence & rape and he was of great help.

Studying and researching revealed that writing on “Women battering” is narrowing the issue down to just an aspect of the matter whereas the wider and more encompassing matter is on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

Monday, 10 June 2013


As I sat down to write this article, I’m at a loss for how to start it. I sat like this for a little while – procrastinating, checking Pings and Twitter simutaneouly, pouring a glass of water. I decided to get up and soak some Garri ganished with groundnut and sugar. Maybe something will come to me.

… and BANG – there it is. Almost as soon as I walk away from the keyboard, the idea hits me that I should start by writing about what I do to find the words or the ideas I need.

When I’m stuck for an idea, I get up, call Sugar-baby, gist with her, walk… whatever I need to do to shift the need to create something from the forefront of my mind. In my research into creativity I have found my instinctive way of opening myself to ideas is quite common.

My approach to overcoming a mental block is affirmed by Jonah Lehrer in his book Imagine: the science of creativity (a must read for all). He writes that it is often after we’ve stopped searching for it that an answer arrives. He explains that while our conscious mind is preoccupied with a routine activity, a part of our unconscious mind is directed inwards toward a stream of consciousness emanating from the right hemisphere of our brain that enable us to the join the dots that lead to new insights. In contrast, focusing attention on solving a problem can actually prevent our brain from making the connections necessary for insight.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

The In-Between

Watching a HBO series titled Veep, season 2 episode 3, a character named Kent said a statement that rang a bell in me. He said "Waiting is not doing nothing". I wrote it down immediately. I decided to think about the word of that statement.

Patience is Waiting Without Complaints.
Life is about precision and timing, its about striking at the right moment. Patience may be a virtue, but it isn't always easy to wait when you're anticipating an important event or something you really want. Let me use the example of Lions. Whenever a pride of lions are hunting, they don't just attack their prey, they patiently "stalk" it. They take their time to study its movement, without raising any suspicion. Now during the waiting movement, we can't say that " oh those lions are not doing anything," infact a high percentage of the hunting is done while the wait. They will lie low waiting for the prey to get as close as possible.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Adesewa Olarewaju - WORK IN PROGRESS

So many questions has been left unanswered in life, recently I got so bothered about few, especially the ones that relates to our personal life, our engagement, what we venture in, family and so on. I decided to focus on those that concerns me most - job, work or whatever we may call it.

 "Where do you work? what's your job like? How many hours do you work? Is it a flexible job? "