Saturday, 29 June 2013

As smart as Sony Xperia z

I haven’t really been a huge fan of smartphones until I encountered and had this divine connection with my new Xperia Z; I happened to get hold of it a month after it was released in the UK. It isn't  the best smart phone in the market and for sure it might not be the best looking phone in carphone warehouse, but I’m in love with it anyways. The instant I opened the case, me and my Xperia Z connected and we jelled like jelly beans. Don’t be jealous of our relationship but I’m pretty sure you have your connection with your iPhone, blackberry; whatever phone you have with you that connects you to the world.

Smartphones have become progressively popular in the last ten years and are expected to grow at an astonishing rate. Everyone seems to have it in their pocket from grandma to your 3yrs old cousin. Almost everyone  have probably come into contact with a smartphone. Walking into my  living room sometimes, everyone seem to be glued to something (except for my dad, the only thing he is glued to is BBC News).

Starting from my cousin, his galaxy S3 is always whistling as the message arrives almost every minute; my little brother has a thing for Instagram, bit like Facebook “It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family”, according to Google, that’s what they do. I  used it few times but i am not a big fan.

My sister on the other hand is using Samsung something something (LOL), can’t remember the model (covers face) but she absolutely love whats-app. She is always checking her email every now and then. My mother on the other-hand, not too good with smartphones, for her, it’s just a means of communication, nothing more nothing less. Mr Sholola of course uses his blackberry for almost everything; name it, whatever a laptop can do, Mr Sholola’s blackberry will do it better. In my opinion twitter is the number one on his list. He fades away into his own little world whenever he is engaged on twitter. Am sure you will agree, as a family we are not as bad. #fact

Smartphones have a lot to offer and they offer it faster and smarter. I’m sure you are familiar with all its benefits, e.g  quicker communication at workplace, mobility, social media benefit and also an instant connection with the world at a click of a finger, in this case at a tap of Sony Xperia Z screen. However it comes with its own drawbacks. its certainly affecting social skills. also, So much of people's private life has now gone public.

Everything has become revolutionised, we live in the century where it’s the norm not to carry bible to church just because we have it on our phone, on the train everyone look like a zombie with their earphone plugged into their Android phones either listening to music or playing candy crush saga, reading books, checking email or perhaps using it to navigate to their next destination.

“Between smartphones, tablets and e-readers, we're becoming a society that's ready to kill even a few seconds of boredom with a tap on a touchscreen”. CNN article; September 26, 2012

we live in technological era, where we can communicate with each other instantly via smartphones and other devices. We are constantly been fed with information, both positive and negative, which is all great; however information overload could also means that there will often be very little time for personal thought and reflection due to its distraction nature.

Research has found that smartphone satisfy all social communication needs which lead to addiction and lack of concentration, even some times lack of sleep. We all know how annoying it could be when talking to a friend and they seems to be in their own world, smiling at their phone every now and then. Social engagement is deteriorating as a result. At work it present a lack of oral communication which often leads to miss communication. Phone etiquette; long gone, gone out of fashion.

Before smartphones came out, we all had that moment where we sit on the bus and our minds just wonders, our creativity kicks in. we get out that odd thing called pen and paper and we jot things down. smartphone are good in jotting down but pen & paper can also do a greater job and certainly pen and paper will not shut down on you neither will it randomly wipe off some of your brilliant notes.  my point is that we all places so much trust on this small piece of wonderful technology.

Smartphones are great; most definitely. Don’t get me wrong they are brilliant, but my question is; are you actually been smart with your phone or your SMARTphone is outsmarting you?

Make sure you are connected positively.

God bless x