Saturday, 8 June 2013

The In-Between

Watching a HBO series titled Veep, season 2 episode 3, a character named Kent said a statement that rang a bell in me. He said "Waiting is not doing nothing". I wrote it down immediately. I decided to think about the word of that statement.

Patience is Waiting Without Complaints.
Life is about precision and timing, its about striking at the right moment. Patience may be a virtue, but it isn't always easy to wait when you're anticipating an important event or something you really want. Let me use the example of Lions. Whenever a pride of lions are hunting, they don't just attack their prey, they patiently "stalk" it. They take their time to study its movement, without raising any suspicion. Now during the waiting movement, we can't say that " oh those lions are not doing anything," infact a high percentage of the hunting is done while the wait. They will lie low waiting for the prey to get as close as possible.

"Life was always a matter of
waiting for the right moment to
act" Paulo Coelho

This same thing apply to us, our waiting is not a waste nor are we doing nothing. To other people, it may appear that we are not doing anything, but we know that we are planning and strategising our moves so as to have a perfect timing for the moment where and when our impact will be felt most. We wait so as to think and plan, we don't just want to take decisions that will be fruitless, therefore we wait for that perfect moment. Same things goes for Eagles, they lay in wait, and watching the direction of the wind and jump into it, as we were taught that Eagles don't flap their wings, they just soar. Why? Because they've seen the direction of the wind and it's the wind that carries them. I'm not a business analyst, but I believe before anyone invests, they would have studied the company they were about to invest in-----the moment of waiting.

"The opposite of talking isn't
listening. The opposite of talking
is waiting" Fran Lebowitz

Waiting is inevitable, isn't it? It is the in-between. That moment when it's just you, the place of decision before launching out.  While we wait, we still journey. Life goes on, and we must go on.

So while you wait:

 Read: Get informed, don't just read, read for information about what you are waiting for or on. I do this a lot and it is helping me. If you’re stuck for
a few days in waiting mode, now is the time to catch up on that reading.

Write: Well I can't tell everyone to write, but at least everyone can write a simple stuff like plan about what you are waiting for. I'm writing this post as a result of waiting. I ought to meet with someone and I can't do anything until I do. So I am taking my time to write. It may not be a post, it might just be a "thank you note." If someone has really helped you out, write them a thank-you note.

Step off the ledge: Go on a little adventure, a little bit of "insanity" won't hurt. Do that thing that easily scares you. Get out of your own way and try something new.

"It is a great piece of skill to know
how to guide your luck even
while waiting for it" -Baltasar Gracian

You wait in order to maximize Performance. 

Ok, enough, said, what do YOU do when you are waiting? Kindly comment below. Thanks.

I am Famuyideolawale
I am a Reader, not a Writer.


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    1. Oh my, my, Del piero himself. Thank you baba.

  2. I read. I plan. I research about all & sundry. :) I reach out to distant friends n relations via calls. Heartwarming I tell ya! I visit places God knows I usually wouldn't have time for. time to spend in God's Presence learning the "inconvenient''. :)


    1. Great, I like all you do while you wait, I think I will add this to mine. And this "Learning The Inconvenient" you have given me something to think about. Thanks for this.

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    1. I am waiting on your waiting. *winks

  4. Errrrrrrmm... I tweet, network, pray, attend seminars while I am waiting. This is a great piece. Now I think waiting could be strategic or operational too.

    1. Now that is a great addition. " Strategic and Operational waiting" plan and acting while waiting. Thanks for this boss.

  5. Great piece. I read, write and pray