Monday, 8 July 2013

Genesis: Handling A New Beginning

"Nothing so difficult as a beginning"

Do you remember when you thought up that idea? Or when you were offered that amazing job? Or the thrill of the admission? You could not wait to start out, you were all happy about the opportunity to do something new, to start a new thing. You’re consuming every book and material you could lay your hands on, asking different authorities about your dream idea or job.
But alas... having started for some times now, those thrills now seem ancient, frustration and difficulties are all staring at you in the face. The jolly journey is slowly becoming a nightmare.

I was chatting with CEO Jadoe (a fashion firm) on BBM and we got to a point where she said something like this that starting out can be frustrating and difficult. I thought about that later and asked myself why should starting out be difficult? The more I thought about it the more this word from the Bible sprung up in my thought that "no man will go to war without counting the cost."

Starting something new – sometimes we wish for it, and other times it’s forced onto us. It’s  life, so we just roll with the punches. Challenges lie ahead. Gain strength; find courage. Like a newborn fawn, the opportunity for rapid development is real, but only by being determined can the fawn rise to its feet and survive to grow to full stature. In my own opinion, I want to believe that in starting out; our major challenge is maintaining personal clarity.

Personal clarity helps us to handle stress better, and makes us more efficient and productive and thereby helps limit the difficulty we face in starting out.

Also our rush to get started and hit our target will introduce frustration into starting out. It is critical to wait for the right moment, even if this means working hard for a long time before we achieve our goal. Most of the time the urge to start earning big, drives us to desperation which utterly leads to frustration. Remember that Frustration is counter-productive. And once we allow frustration to set in, be rest assured that anger is right at the door.  We then tend to get angry at everything and everyone, simply because we are experiencing difficulty in starting out. We begin to lose faith in our ideas, the goal starts becoming blurry, and when someone stops trusting himself, he's hit a critical impasse. He begins to accept the idea that it's okay to be "mediocre." That's a self destructive attitude.

Hey, snap out!!!

-to be continued-

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  1. :) One's passion & resolve are highly tested at the beginning. However, quitting shouldn't be an option when we're on the right but seemingly slow-paced path.

    Thanks for sharing, sir.


  2. Excellent read. Well laid out. Can't wait for the sequel!