Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Business Gospel

A reading according to Tomisin Chapter 1: Verses1-10

1And thy spirit of business came upon me and said to me “Take this words I have given thou today and share it among thy readers’ I tell thou most solemnly, none of these words shall be useful unless well managed and applied.

2When the time came for me to show you income, no one can stop me but your attitude and your nonchalant approach to dealing with me. Verily I say unto you, no entrepreneur shall earn a long time profit except it comes through creativity and following my words cautiously. 3Pursue the creation of income… Not wealth. The world I created is full of majority of people who reach old age near the poverty level. If thou do not begin doing what few people who get it right are doing, you will become a very sad statistic.4The truth is thy research and thy application can take thou where thou desire to go. Please do not let the devil deceive you otherwise.

5Thou shall do everything within thy power to make thy business function as much like a franchise as possible. The “franchise” business model is dramatically more successful than thy traditional business model. Not all sons of man can afford to purchase a major franchise. Therefore I say unto you, the next best thing to owning a franchise business is to use common sense to add “franchise power” to thy traditional business.

6This cup should not pass you by; do not continue business without an anchor program, unless thou possess adequate savings or earnings to support thy business until profitable. 7Mistakes some of my children make is they join expensive program that guarantee many months of high negative cash flow. There are many good affordable programs to choose from. In this world of competition, make sure you are always learning more often about thy business model; get a creative and fresh radical approach to it by attending new and affordable anchor programs.    8Respect good business principles, “because if thou break the laws of good business they will break you”. 9Every son of man that I have truly chosen shall know how to practice good business, for it is just as important as choosing a good business.

10It was preparation day and the Sabbath was imminent. Whatever heaps of jobs you may have, always keep a Sabbath time or day, remember the Sabbath day or time to keep it holy in your business endeavor.


I am @tomisinajiboye


  1. Thou hast spoken, and he that has ear let him hear what the spirit of creativity saith. Selah

  2. Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.....

    Bless you Prophet of Creativity!

  3. I heard thy words, and I shiver. For they have added more knowledge to thy servants heart.

  4. LOL...Bless you. May thy knowledge never diminish