Saturday, 24 August 2013

Don't be a Bottleneck

"The best way to get things done is to do it yourself"- Unknown

Some people have come to believe the above quote so well that, they literally do most of the "jobs". Getting a job done....done well is the target, but should we wear ourselves thin because of that? Do we have to stretch ourselves till we are no longer fit to get the job done? Do you have to shatter yourself mentally and physically so as to get something done by doing it yourself? Are we so credit starved that instead of sharing responsibility, we stick our neck into job so as to be sole beneficiary of the credits? Are we too scared to allow our subordinate to outshine us?  

These are few of the questions that is on my mind this morning as I roll in bed due to ache all over my body. Should I have asked someone to assist me? Would I have achieved a faster result with less pain, if I had just called someone to share the responsibility?

Sharing responsibilities keeps members interested and enthusiastic about the group. You may be reluctant to delegate because you want to make sure the job is done right...but who says that delegating won't get the job done well? Do you know that by delegating responsibility you are increasing opportunities for members to develop leadership skills and operate more effectively? Delegation enables you to focus on more important tasks or tasks for which you are better suited. Once subordinates successfully complete a task, you will have more trust in the future in their capabilities. And this, trust me, will save you a lot of headaches. Delegating does not eliminate work, it simply changes it. As you delegate appropriately, a multiplier effect occurs.

Here what Tomisin Ajiboye said, "a work shared is a job done." You get the job done when you look beyond yourself and put faith in people who are capable of achieving same or even better results. He further said "The only time job quality equals quantity control is when team work is done and if you want to understand the way your team members think, delegate duties.How truer can that be?

"Delegation of duty is an expressive way of bringing out creativity in others" - Tomisin Ajiboye.

"When you don't delegate you risk ending up with too much work, not enough time, and lots of undue stress"
Delegation improves productivity, and this will be obvious to everyone. Note that, the more successful your members are, the more you will be relaxed and will be able to push for higher position, that comes with higher responsibility.

The better your team looks, the better you look.

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  1. Bros, see how you painted me to be so true. Lol...

    Very nice thought line. It will go a very long way to reduce Oga at the top syndrome.

    Weldone sir!

  2. Udegbunam Chukwudi24 August 2013 at 15:33

    There are certain tasks I'd rather do myself no matter how stressed I am. Those tasks need to be done a certain way and me being a peculiar person always gets in the way.

    Other regular tasks, I freely outsource to others in exchange for a fee and new work if the last one was well executed.

    Outsourcing ain't a bad thing if you have the finance for it

    1. Hey bro, if ever there is a task at workplace that you cannot delegate, then there is a problem with work instruction in such workplace.