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The Epistle of Learner to the People of the world by Ayobami Sholola

The Epistle of Learner to the People of the World  Chapter 1 vs 1 - 30

1. Brethren, I bring you warm greetings from everyone here in the school of Pure and Applied Wisdom. It is with great pleasure to write to you

2. As thou knoweth that Learning is a treasure that follows its owner (the learner) everywhere and through this wonderful adventure, I have been led into some truths which have eventually set me free.

3. Therefore, I bring you these truths in the name of the first Learner, whose knowledge can be compared to none and experience - immeasurable.

4. Some say experience is the best teacher, others says it’s the worst but either way you look at it, there is one fact you can't disprove, just like you can’t disprove God, it teaches a lesson.

5. Although, some may learn it the hard way, some assimilate easily, and some will fail to acknowledge it.  Meanwhile, to learn at every opportunity is divine, verily verily I say unto you, it’s an addition which cannot be realistically disregarded.

6. I am a firm believer in learning through experience, of course, this can be expounded in so many ways but I give more reverence to real life experiences through personal engagement.

7.  For it is written "what a man hears, he may doubt; what he sees, he may possibly doubt, but what he does, he cannot doubt" (Rasmussen, 1989), in other words, what a  man learned through personal encounter will always be the most genuine truth about reality. Flesh and blood did not reveal this to me.

8. I have had so many revelations since I joined this Alma mater, but this particular one therefore, has brought me to a point where I think a man's knowledge should be rated not according to his age but according to his experience and knowledge.

9. As we all know that Often times in our place of work, people have been deemed qualified to be recruited without the required advertised qualifications but with merit based on their experience and knowledge.

10.  Furthermore brethren, as a learner in the vineyard, I have learned that maturity has more to do with what types of experience one has had and what one has learned from them and less to do with how many birthday one have celebrated.

11.  Because I believe in the same manner our lord and saviour, the first learner believed that it’s not about the years in one’s life; it’s about the life in the one’s years.

12. Therefore, let he who deemed himself matured examine his mental magnitude, for all knowledge shall be tested with fire.

13. Beloved, the world is fast changing and in my opinion, it means the world changers are learning fast.

14. Therefore, hear this truth today, and let it set you free once and for all, the more you know these days, the more change possibilities you shall see.

15. Staying updated with changes around the world through learning will help change your perspectives about life.

16.  For it hath been declared unto me that information is power! You access it only with a learner's heart.

17. Those who seek are those who want to learn, and eventually, they findeth.

18. Now I persuade you brethren in the name of the first Learner, to invest more of your time in learning to retain your intellectual justification among men.

19. This is necessary for your physical preparation and mental sanctification because being current is the currency of life.

20. Beloved, It would also be interesting if you know that in the new economy, there is little tolerance for 'ordinary'. Constant and continuous learning provides the 'extra' we need.

21. From the time of the first apostles, Life became the survival of the fittest, and only the fit survives. We are considered fit not by what we eat or drink or wear but by what we know.

22. The information within our palms has the power which can bring down a stronghold if we can use it efficiently.

23. Therefore, if we are going to learn, let us learn to win. For we wrestle not against principalities and powers but against flesh and blood like us whose level of knowledge remains a mystery; great minds that are incomprehensible.

24. Let the truth be told, It is not a matter of just learning, it's a matter of learning right for the edification of our canal mind.

25. Brethren, The rate at which Learning can help catalyse change is unimaginable. It’s the only route to growth, advancement & development.

26.  Learning speeds up the process of change by setting the pace. It helps our decision making ability necessary during change and transition.

27. Finally I beseech you brethren, don’t just learn; teach as well. Impact lives around you.

28. Help spread the Gospel of learning, help aid the quick eradication of ignorance, illiteracy and callowness.

29. Preach the message of intellectual salvation, mind edification, and mental sanctification.

30.  Help your community grow. For verily verily I say unto you, without these things, no learner shall be deemed qualified for certification. 

Certified Life Learner


  1. Thou hast said it well. I beseech fellow brethen to take to heart al that is written here and thou will do well to live with this gospel. Dear Learner Ayo, thou are wise and I bless him who sits in heaven for thy wisdom

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  3. He who has ear, let him hear the words of our beloved learner.