Saturday, 14 September 2013

Tope Aigba: Variety is the Spice of Life; You are an Original.

Some days back during a conversation with a close friend and brother, Uncle D (@temensa on twitter) , we discussed on the phrase “variety is the spice of life”. The context of which people think and act on this phrase has been one sided and stereotyped into the male-female relationship.

In whatever way you look and think about this saying, variety is indeed the spice of life.

No man (male and female) created by God is the same. In our composition and make-up, is the originality and special attribute that makes each one of us different from the other. Even in the case of Siamese twins, they are still very different from each other in attributes.

What is making the world unbearable to live in is the act of wanting to clone people after our own image and expecting them to act just like us without them having a voice of their own. This is contrary to their formation and make-up and that is why there are so many problems. Even in families, parents expect their children to behave the same way. In so doing, some parents have succeeded in killing the originality and adventurous spirits in some children. For every child or human being you come in contact with or are privileged to be a guardian over, allow them to be themselves.

Allowing them be themselves ensures that you get the best of that person.

What will make the world a beautiful place to live in is accepting and celebrating our differences.

Variety is indeed the spice of life and you need me and I need you to make our world beautiful.

Remember, there is only ONE of YOU and You are an ORIGINAL and the world awaits your manifestation.

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  1. Momma @topsyken gradually becoming one of my most adored writers... master discussant of domestic issues! Thumbs up ma...

  2. Good one iyaafin, I especially love you touch of the beauty of our diversity. May I add that our core strength lies in our differences. This is what help us to be tolerant of the next person. There is perfection in our differences, it what makes us to have a special bond with people we hardly know. My mind is bubbling with this. Thank you ma.

    1. Aburo mi of life,my head is blowing here. Tnx for always reading my write ups.

  3. Just got around to read this a prental sub? Just kidding. But I think I have a fair idea of what you mean. We're all guilty of it. The greater sin though is not knowing when to pull back once you notice a sashay into the same path. God help us. Well done ma!

    1. Can I sub my father when I know I'm a recipient of that love? Tnx Dad for reading. U rock sir.