Saturday, 28 June 2014

Dear Fiona, Let That Baby Live

1. Dear Fiona, i am writing to you as regards the latest turn of things in your life.
2. I learnt you are pregnant and you are much considering a surgical abortion.
3. You were frolicking around young boys and ungodly company.
4. The last we talked, i told you to guard your heart as this will help control your libidinal passion.
5. I guess you were obstinate about my hearkening.
6. I always told you that sex wasnt an index of social acceptance, you were simply gullible to deceitful poetry and societal taunts.
7. You were taunted about being a mummy's girl, so you decided to patronise the enteprise of sex.
8. Now pregnant, you have become an object of scorn and mockery.
9. The same pressure group that taunts you about being frail, now make parody of you with gestures.
10. So as to prevent a broader shameful enterprise, you are soliciting for an abortion.
11. Your mother is been suspicious but you simply tell her, that you are adding extra pounds of flesh.
12. You have been nauseating and showing feverish signs but you also refuse her to go to the family clinic with you.
13. You cant afford to walk the town with a bulging stomach, and you are also not ready for motherhood.
14. The boy whom you think is responsible for the pregnancy has shown little or no interest.
15. He is barely 19 and you are just 16, he is still a child that is being spoon fed.
16. Sociologically and psychologically you are both not prepared for the challenges of parenting.
17. Your pro-abortion referrals failed you.
18. You calculated your monthly ovulation circle just before being engulfed in the inferno of coital healing but this also failed.
19. Your friends have prescribed for you misoprostol(a prominent abortion pill). This has caused you so much of bleeding, but the foetus still lies in your womb.
20. Your parents musn't know you are pregnant, it might spell the end of your schooling.
21. So you have been introduced to a trusted "Aunty Adugbo", who has a wealth of experience with abortions.
22. Aunty Adugbo is a yoruba phrase which the English dictionary lacks the wherewithal for a commensurate word.
23. Aunty Adugbo is an elderly lady that resides within your residential area, they always endanger young ladies with immoral thoughts.
24. They are mostly single and living alone, some are past marital age or divorcees who could not redeem marital vows.
25. She has promised to take you for a professional surgical abortion by an expertise.
26. Just before she takes you for this surgical abortion, lets both view the consequences from a 3D perspective.
27. Abortion doesn't erase or change the fact that you have been pregnant.
28. There are many a few complications attached to this act that your dear aunty adugbo won't be telling you about.
29. The psychological effects include anorexia, bulomia, insomnia and post abortion "Crying baby nightmares"
30. The Crying Baby Nightmares sounds unrealistic or looks like post -meridian visual hallucinations in this contemporary age.
31. The biological effects of abortion might include; perforated womb, hemorrhaging, acute abdominal pain.
32. Other abortion related effects include menstrual irregularities , ectopic pregnancies, and painful related labour in future pregnancies.
33. Abortion is murder in plain word,its intentional termination of a life.
34. I remebered you once shown naivety in harming a fly, now you are committing murder on an innocent soul for a sin you perpetrated, how did you lose your heart
35. That child has every right to be in existence and become a future great just like you.
36. There is no religion, culture , moral medical practise and sane human that thumbprints for abortion.
37. I assure you cannot live with the trauma and self induced stigmatisation that comes with abortion in the coming years.
38. Abortion has chances of increasing your patronage of promiscuity.
39. As you begin to see this act as a panacea when you miscalculate your ovulation period and Pregnancy comes up.
39. Forget the cajoling and empathy demonstrated by this Aunty Adugbo.
40. She paints an exaggerated picture of shame and stigma that comes with  teenage pregnancy.
41. She is not going to tell you that the doctor hurt her womb during the surgical process of her 3rd abortion.
42. Forget the clinic ambience and the somewhat professional advice giving by the medics, it doesn't correlate with competence nor approve abortion.
43. I understand it might be difficult talking to your mum about the pregnancy, considering the fact that the young man responsible for it shows no interest.
44. And I know "pregnancy exeat is also not a choice. The wilderness out-there is engulfed with uncertainty.
45. Tell your parents about your pregnancy, I envisage the truculence of your father and the pain of your mother.
46.They had so much of a dream for you, it looks like they had built castles on sea shore.
47. The negligence to be shown by your father and the Tears in your mothers eyes, these you must live with it.
48. The drama that comes with Teenage pregnancy, you must adapt to, they are the culminate of your doings, pay for them.
49. At this junction, you must be sincere with your life, let go off immoral friends, and the stop being a prodigy to the afore mentioned "Aunty Adugbo".
50. Pick up a pen, re-write your dreams, fears, hopes and vision.
51. Schooling should be on hold for a while, so I guess it is profitable to pick up a proficient skill  for the time being.
52. Be a child again to your parents and let them crave for your innocence, it might take a while but I am sure they will let go off the hurt.
53. Most Importantly, enrol your Life with Christ, he still loves you despite all.
54. As for your friend who was raped and is now pregnant, abortion still is not a solution.
55. It doesn't erase the Trauma and Tragedy of her being raped and doesn't punish the rapist.
56. It just murders a promising future and violates an already violated woman.
57. You both must keep the pregnancy.
58.Do not accept the sorry tales that unwed mothers do not find husbands, be a paradigm, visionary woman and your man will come along.
59.Let's I forget, you must return to school after the child delivery, education is paramount, it is the tool to prevent others from walking in such loose shoes.
60. As for your Baby Father, he will be back someday when he becomes a man,I hope you forgive him then.
61. So, go home now, leave the company of immoral opinions and tell your parents about your pregnancy.
62.There is no safety in abortion and it gives no peace of mind.
63. I commit you to God and the Word of his Grace.
654 I will write to you again, your friend Shrek!

Yours sincerely, 
Aladeloba Babatunde 
@aladeniking on twitter


  1. Mehn. A rather complex topic, for the most neutral of stands. I think the murder stand superceds, abortion is murder! Thou shall not kill

  2. Well done @Aladeniking, top notch this is. For me, It's a sit on the fence pose when it comes to abortion discuss as I don't believe only the stigma that comes with 'teenage' pregnancy drives people to it, some reasons for abortion are 'justified' for example why bring forth a child you'd not be able to cater for??

  3. This aladeniking is a genius. I shed tears today the 29th day of June, 2014 at exactly 12:18 pm.
    All schools must read this piece from aladeniking.

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