Ayobami Sholola is a freelance writer and prolific thinker. A trainer, motivational/event speaker and author.
He is also the founder of WakeUp Int'l, a charity organisation dedicated to Youth Empowerment. 

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Florence Opeyemi Fasetan has served as the assistant project coordinator and program Secretary, adolescent reproductive health program in the YMCA. Currently, she is serving as the Vice President of YMCA Kaduna, in Nigeria.
In line with her passion, she believed good health is at the centre of economic development and where good health is absent, productivity is impossible. She has bagged a Diploma in Social Development and a Higher National Diploma in Human Resources Management respectively.
She is not married and always willing to learn more..

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Father of CRAZETIVITY as popularly called, I don’t smoke, don’t watch soccer, don’t club, don’t drink alcohol, am not married, love to be unserious (it makes my job easier), I smile and dances a lot. And, don’t conclude my age in your head.
A member of Creative African Network (CAN), an ace member of American Creativity Association (ACA) and a creative expert at the best consulting firm ever, Solvere Word Consult. I am an exceptional graphic artist, web developer (free style) and a brand artist. I have a certificate in B.Sc. Physics that I have not seen in a very long time. 
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Adesewa Adetomi Olarewaju is a Real Estate Consultant.. A dynamic analyst on life issues.