wakeUP International Outreach is a youth empowerment ministry that equips young men and women with what is necessary and needed to stand out in the society.

It is just abstract to say and believe that though sorrow may last for the night, joy comes in the morning.
The question we answer is when will the morning come? How will you know that it is morning already?

The fact is that morning is not necessary when it is 6 am or any time during the am interval.
Morning comes when you wakeUP!

So, God has given us the mandate to go around the nations of the earth and help those that are yet to wake up, developing their MIND TO THINK and opening their eyes to SEE and RECOGNIZE opportunities around them. Many are right at the edge of breakthrough but couldn't see because they are yet to wakeUP.

Our vision is to see youths that has been affected by the teachings of this ministry dominating their communities and environments around the world.

We have identified various factors and limitations that keeps young men and women at a particular level for so long without any self and career improvement, and we have carefully set our aims and objectives to help them break loose.


At wakeUP Intl, we reach out to young lads, opening their inner eyes and teaching them the following.

1. Engaging the mind for effective thinking.

2. Recognizing opportunities and steps to achieve them.

3. The importance of having a vision and setting goals.

4. How to be a responsible leader in the society.

5. Exposing them to what they can do for the country and avoid been a liability.

6. To be a problem solver and a resource manager.

7. To understand that nothing is achievable without God.

It is time to wakeUP and do exploits.

Ayobami Sholola